Melvin Ingram was the star of the South Carolina-Auburn Game, but his great performance was enough to overcome some bad offensive play

Despite Melvin Ingram's Dominant Performance, Gamecocks Fall to Auburn Tigers


The Auburn Tigers had a late comeback vs the South Carolina Gamecocks to beat them 16-3 in the end. The Game was back and forth and was a fun game to watch, what was more impressive to watch is South Carolina’s DE Melvin Ingram. On a field littered with first round talent (South Carolina’s Alshon Jeffrey, Stephon Gilmore, and Marcus Lattimore are all likely going to be first round picks over the next two years), 6’2 276 pound DL Melvin Ingram shined the brightest.

Ingram was virtually unblockable when he was rushing the passer tonight. He was applying constant pressure throughout the game, he sacked the quarterback a copious times (official defensive stats aren’t available yet at the time of this writing) but the stats that are being thrown around there are 9 tackles, 6 tackles for loss, 3.5 sacks,  a fumble recovery for a touchdown and an interception. He also pressured the quarterback multiple times, and even had an interception an a trick field goal play. Ingram has been making a name for himself this year and twitter was all abuzz with his performance today.

ShanePHallamShane P. Hallam
Watching MSU/OSU, but eye on SCAR/Auburn. Melvin Ingram may be a first round pick, no joke, he’s performing that well
ryanlownesRyan Lownes
#SouthCarolina DE/DT Melvin Ingram may be the best defensive player in the SEC thus far. 4 Sacks, 2 Ints; just incredible versatility.
ryanlownesRyan Lownes
#SouthCarolina DE/DT Melvin Ingram may be the best defensive player in the SEC thus far. 4 Sacks, 2 Ints; just incredible versatility.
Senior Bowl
seniorbowlSenior Bowl
How ’bout #SCarolina Sr Melvin Ingram?? Just scored his 3rd TD of season.
USCphildoPhilip Collins
Go ahead and write in SC DE Melvin Ingram for 1st All-America. 3 TDs (including a 68 yd fake punt TD) 5 sacks 2 INTs. #beast
The analysts of the game were going on and on about Ingram as a potential Heisman trophy candidate. Ingram was definitely a star tonight. What has to be frustrating for Gamecock fans is the inconsistent offense. Despite having perhaps the best WR in the nation (Alshon Jeffrey) and the best running back (Marcus Lattimore) South Carolina has struggled on offense all year. The offense is being plagued by some bad decisions by Stephen Garcia who leads the nation in interceptions with 9. The Gamecocks have a ton of N.F.L. ready talent and it’s a bad, disappointing loss.
But is he worth a first round pick? This will be discussed a lot more as the season goes on, but I don’t think he can play defensive line in all systems. he’s very quick, a great athlete, and has good bulk. But I don’t think every team will covet him. I think ideally he looks like a 43 DE in a system like the Colts or Eagles. Ingram showcased a plus spin move tonight and was unstoppable. Be ready for the Melvin Ingram hype train over the next few weeks as talk escalates about him as a potential first round pick. A knock you’re going to hear a lot is about his less than ideal size, and what appear to be shorter than preferred arm length.
Thoughts on Ingram?
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