2012 NFL mock Draft: New York Giants Mocks Analysis

Each and every week we’ll take a look around the web at some mock drafts and see what kind of players draftniks are predicting to go to the New York Giants. We’ll focus on both the player and the need value of each pick. It’s interesting to see what other mock drafters out there think about what the Giants are thinking.

The always controversial Russ Lande has his newest mock draft out.

odd picks: the Colts are picking third and they take Trent Richardson? Not saying impossible, but that would be the third time in six years they would use a first round pick on a running back. Seems very, very silly.

Dwight Jones, WR, North Carolina-First time I’ve seen him in the first round. Let alone in the the top 10. He goes 8th overall to the Dolphins (one spot behind Michael Floyd).

At 12th overall the Titans grab DB Markelle Martin. Again first time for everything.

At 15th overall the Giants select: Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma

What I like:

Broyles could be the next Steve Smith. He is very comftorable sitting up in the zone and grabbing some yards after the catch, he’s a disciplined route runner and can set up defenders well. He may fit in very well with the Giants as the slot WR that they haven’t been able to find yet to replace Steve Smith since he left for the Eagles.

Broyles is also very productive in college. He had a whopping 131 catches last year and already has 34 catches this year. Three years ago he had 89 catches. He’s a good fit for the Giants and would be productive.

What I don’t like:

What I don’t like is the fact that the Giants still have Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham and Jerrel Jernigan moving forward. Victor Cruz, if he continues to play well joins that group. Ramses Barden if he plays well when he returns also is in that group. Do they have a slot WR yet? Is Victor Cruz that player? Will Cruz move outside and Manningham will become the third WR? Can Jerrel Jernigan learn that position the rest of this year and be ready to step up next year? Mario Manningham had a rough rookie year  but has gotten better and better ever year. That could easily happen with J.J.

I’m not against taking players if they provide great value and I actually like the idea of the Giants adding a super talented WR in the first round, but I’m not sure Broyles is that guy. Slot WR aren’t usually first round picks. Throw in the unanswered questions about the WR corps and I just don’t like it.

What I really don’t like is the value they have to pass up to get Bryoles.

Alternative pick:

To make this pick they have to pass on LT, Matt Kalil from USC. That seems like a mistake especially with the way that RT Kareem McKenzie has played this year. Will Beatty has been above average early, though he still needs some refinement. But Mckenzie looks bad. If the Giants passed on Matt Kalil for Ryan Broyles I’ll throw my remote through the television.

I can’t imagin the Giants would pass on Matt Kalil in Lande’s scenario for Bryoles.

Rob Rang CBS Draft scout (written 8/25)

Odd picks: Cody Glenn  (Georgia G, who is now playing tackle) at number 10 to the Raiders.

Giants pick: 18th overall. Manti Te’o, ILB, Norte Dame

Rang says:

Former All-American Greg Jones has flashed early in his young career for the Giants, but the reality is New York has been missing size and physicality at the MIKE for quite some time. Te’o has proven to be a bit of a throwback for the Irish — a highly touted prep prospect who has turned his aggression and toughness into big plays on the defensive side of the ball.

What I like:

The player. Te’o is a very good player and could ensure the Giants are established at the middle linebacker for a long time coming. Te’o is a tackling machine, physical, and a good leader. Jonathan Goff is also coming off an A.C.L. tear, and he wasn’t the most athletic of players to begin with. On top of that he’s also a free agent. Greg Jones has played pretty good this year, but he hasn’t shown everyone definitively that he can be the long term solution.

This is a pick I’d expect to see quite often from now until draft day.

What I don’t like:

The philosophy of the pick. Rang seems to be thinking about what the Giants SHOULD do instead of what the Giants are likely to do.

Rang has Vontaze Burfict available at this pick. Both play the same position, but Burfict is an athletic freak. He’s tall, he has long arms, he’s strong, he’s super athletic. He IS the Giants kind of prospect. He plays a little out of control and might have some anger problems (it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me), but he’s the kind of player the Giants fall in love with. I’m 100 percent confident in voicing the opinion that if the draft were today and the Giants were specifically choosing between Burfict or Te’o they couldn’t resist Burfict.

Alternative pick:

Jerel Worthy, DT, Michigan State

The Giants love to grab defensive linemen. In some circles Worthy is a top 7 talent, in others he’s close to a late first round pick. He has been inconsistent, but the potential to be a dominating interior defensive linemen is there. The Giants defensive tackles are playing pretty well so far early and if Joseph plays even better moving forward this might be less of an issure, but Rocky Bernard has a lot of age (playing the best he has since he was signed by the Giants). JimmyKennedy is a stop-gap and when Marvin Austin returns he’ll be two full years removed from last playing in the N.F.L. Will he ever develop into the player the Giants hoped he would? That’s a legetimate question.

I’ve already voiced my opinion that I think the Giants will fall in love with Burfict between now and the draft. He’d also be a possibility.

 Football draft analysis

15th pick overall:

Mantei Te’o

See above.


Your thoughts?


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