NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

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Packers fans have a lot to be excited about. Their team is very good. (picture source




It’s everyone’s favorite Tuesday staple. The Power Rankings. Be kind with your criticsm. I believe the Power Rankings are a mixture of how good a team is and how favorable a situation the team is in. If the team has a difficult scheudle or plays in a tough division they get knocked down a bit. Teams that play in the N.F.C. West get moved up a bit. A team like the Giants might be better than the 49ers, but if the Giants have to beat out the Eagles, Buccaneers, Lions, Bears to make the playoffs and the 49ers only have to beat out the Seahawks, Cardinals, and Rams. Who is in a better situation? The 49ers.

Let me know what you think.  And if I disrespected your team. I’m sorry. I calls it the way I sees it.






32. Kansas City Chiefs (Previously Cleveland Browns)

Seems crazy to put them here this low and reactionary, but they had a soft schedule last year. They have lost maybe their three best players for the season in Tony Moaeki, Jamaal Charles, and Eric Berry and they have gotten beaten down the last two weeks. They look absolutely terrible. The Seahawks aren’t far behind though.

31. Seattle Seahawks (Previously Minnesota Vikings)

I thought they’d be O.K. this year. I was wrong. They suck. This is good for them though. They have some talented offensive pieces. How good would Andrew Luck look throwing the ball behind a decent offensive line to Sydney Rice (if he can get healthy), Mike Williams, and dropping the ball of to Marshawn Lynch?

30. Colts  (Previously the Seahawks)

Will they end this season here? No, I don’t believe so. Are they this bad right now? Yes. If Kerry Collins can’t get this Colts offense figured out they could be this bad by seasons end. The defense needs to step up, and now. Tony Dungy said it best though. This is a team that is built to play with a lead. The offense has to score points early to let the defense do what it does best.

29. Minnesota Vikings (Previously Miami Dolphins)

They are very talented in a lot of positions, but eventually Mcnabb will be benched for Christian Ponder and the Vikings will be picking early next year. I’ve always appreciated Donovan Mcnabb and thought he was very disrespected in Philadelphia, and it saddens me to say he’s about done.

28. Miami Dolphins (previously Denver Broncos)

One of the few 0-2 teams. I’ve been steadfast in my belief  that the Dolphins will pick in the top five next year. Soon they are going to quit on their coach when they start 1-3 or 0-4. That’s a GOOD Thing. They need a QB of the future, they are talented elsewhere.

27. Cleveland Browns (previously Cincinnati Bengals)

They beat up on a clearly bad Colts team today. They’re still a team that is in transition.

26.  Bengals  (Previously Indinapolis Colts)

Have looked much better than I thought they would this season. They’re not good, though, but better than I thought. Andy Dalton has looked better than I thought (wasn’t a huge fan). A.J. Green is a stud. The defense isn’t half bad.

25. Denver Broncos (previously San fran 49ers)

The Broncos won on Sunday, but they are going to have a long season. On the bright side, Eric Decker looks like a player as does Von Miller. Von Miller can be Demarcus Ware. as a pass rusher.  His first step is that good

24. Carolina Panthers (previously Carolina Panthers)

I wanted to put them higher, but they are 0-2. I haven’t had them lower than 25, I believe in any of my rankings so far (preseason or now). I never thought they’d be terrible and Newton has been even better than I thought. Better than Anyone thought. Steve Smith also clearly still has it, and I’m sorry for questioning his abilities. I knew he was still pretty good, but he looks like top 5 WR good with Newton at the helm.

23.   St. Louis Rams (previously Tennessee Titans)

 0-2 and a brutal schedule. The Giants secondary made Sam Bradford look like Dan Marino. And that’s without the Rams having any good offensive weapons tonight. Now Amendola, no Steven Jackson. Just bad, bad defensive secondary play by the New York Giants.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars ( Previously Kanas City Chiefs)

Looked god-awful today vs the Jets. Gabbert will be starting in Jacksonville soon and their ranking will just go down once that happens. Jack Del Rio’s days as a head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars might be numbered.

21. Arizona Cardinals  (Previously St. Louis Rams)

The offense looks good, but the defense is not very good. They have no pass rushers or no secondary. Their offensive line is also subpar. This is a passing league, that’s a bad mix when you can’t rush the passer or cover the targets. Larry Fitzgerald is poised for a big year though and I liked the Cardinals most recent draft. Another year of shrew off-season moves and they should be favorites in the N.F.C. West

20. Buffalo Bills (Previously New York Giants )

I know they are 2-0, but they did only beat the Raiders and Chiefs. I’m rooting for the Bills. I live in Rochester, NY and my wife is a Bills fan and it’s brutal watching bad Bills teams. So hopefully the Bills will be competitive every week. Are they for real? Let’s see if they can compete next week vs the Patriots. I hope they are playoff bound soon. How long can fans wait for a playoff berth? A decade plus is far too long.

19. New York Giants (previously Oakland Raiders)

Might be higher, but I’m lazy and anticipating the loss to the Eagles next week, I don’t want to have to move them much.

Their secondary is absolutely awful right now and when they play the tough pass offenses they have to play later in the year (Packers, Saints, Eagles twice, a healthy Cowboys passing offense) they are going to be in big trouble.

18. Oakland Raiders (Previously Washington Redskins)

They are a talented team. They have to be more consistent. If they were consistent, I’d have them much higher (if they were consistent they would have beaten the Bills today). Darren Mcfadden has officially arrived. What a good player he has become. Fast, strong. He catches passes, goes up the middle and takes it outside.

17. San Fran 49ers (previously Arizona Cardinals)

Better than I thought they would be. They gave Dallas a good game. Dallas is talented. What’d they get Ted Ginn for, a fourth round pick? That move looks bad for Miami and great for the 49ers. In any other division I’d have them lower than this, but they have a real shot at making the playoffs.

16. Tennessee Titans (Previously Buffalo Bills)

Not sure what they were doing in week 2, but they looked awesome on Sunday vs the Ravens. Their defense looked good, especially in their front four. Kenny Britt is very good. Too bad he’s a knucklehad. What a talented draft class at WR 2009 was in the first round: Kenny Britt, Hakeem Nicks, Jeremey Maclin (and then Heyward Bey and Michael Crabtree).

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