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Jerry Reese Has a Lot of Work to do With all of the Giants injuries this year, will his recent draft classes step up

There are two things that I love in the realm of football: N.F.L. prospects and the New York Giants. Unlike many sites who feign that they are entirely without bias, NFLmocks acknowledges that we are fans of particular teams, and while we strive to encompass all N.F.L and college teams .there is always a yearning for me to write what I feel about the New York Giants, and Sayre feels the same way about the Denver Broncos. That’s where our passion lies in relation to the N.F.L.(As for me, I personally do not have a favorite College Football team and prefer the N.F.L. game by a wide margin to College football. What I find fascinating about college football is the projections into the N.F.L.). That’s why we’ve announcing that every week we’ll set aside Wednesday and Thursday to be the unofficial “New York Giants and Denver Broncos draft blog”.

The rest of the week will be business as usual. But Sayre and I need an outlet for our Giants and Broncos obsession.  (and on Wednesday and Thursday there will be other posts as well: fantasy football posts, N.F.L. week predictions, players to watch, mock drafts, and all of the other features we regularly have throughout the week).  It’s a subtle change, we think. But for those two days Sayre and I will focus our efforts on the Giants and Broncos because we have an affinity for those teams and a deep knowledge, understanding, and even some minor connections with people in the know. Sayre was so excited he jumped the gun by a couple of hours with his first Broncos related draft post.  There is a niche out there that needs to be filled. There does not yet exist a Giants or Broncos blog that is entirely devoted to the those teams in the draft capacity.But we will be for those two days a week.

What can you expect on Wednesday and Thursdays?

-Rookie Breakdowns-I’ll be breaking down the performance of the New York Giants rookies and young players from the week prior each week.

-Running positional needs

-And prospects that could fit those needs

-New York Giants Draft history

-Mock Draft Watch. What do other draftniks think the Giants could do in the N.F.L. draft

-Anything Else You Want to read about the Giants and the draft.


let us know you want toread.


And for anyone who is out there who wants to become a contributor to NFLmocks in a Giants or Broncos Capacity (or even in any facet of the draft) can email me at [email protected]


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