Joe Flacco Frustrated with Lack of Progress Towards Extension: "I Feel Like I Deserve It"

Joe Flacco

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco gave his opinion on the lack of progress towards a long-term extension on Saturday, when he spoke to the Baltimore Sun.

Flacco seemed frustrated, thinking the organization should know by now whether or not they want him as their franchise quarterback. “I would feel that after three years, you can make a decision on whether you want me to be your future quarterback or whether you don’t. It’s your decision. I wish and hope they would do what they want me to do, which is stay here,” Flacco said. “Obviously, I want to stay here no matter what. I would want them to do something as early as possible.”

Flacco had a solid 2010 season, his third as a pro, with 3,622 yards and 25 touchdowns with a 93.6 quarterback rating. The Ravens’ season ended with a 31-24 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the divisional playoffs. As a pro, Flacco believes he has done enough for the organization know what kind of player he is.

“I think I’ve established myself,” he told the Sun. “If you’re not confident with who I am, I am not sure what a year is going to make.”

“I would like to do something as soon as possible because I feel like I deserve it,” Flacco also said. “Next year, I feel like they would have to throw something in front of me that’s going to be pretty legit in order for me to not play out my fifth year. If you don’t sign me this year, you’re making me play a whole year of my contract with no security. In a year from now, I’m going to be thinking, ‘Hey, they already made me play one year without another contract, what’s the harm in playing another year and seeing what happens after that?'”

The full story from the Baltimore Sun can found here.

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