Would the Falcons Move Up to Get A.J. Green at 6th Overall?

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There are reports that the Falcons would move up to #6 to get A.J. Green. I’ve seen this in the blogosphere, but I haven’t seen the intial article yet. Suppsoedly it comes from the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

I found these two articles: “Falcons Should do Everything Possible to get A.J. Green”   and “Here’s What it Would Take for the Falcons to Get A.J. Green  But I haven’t seen the intial article yet that says the Falcons WILL try to move up to get A.J. Green. Though in the second article there’s a setnece that reads: So if Green gets past Cincinnati, the Falcons will be on the phone with Mike Holmgren and the Cleveland Browns.

If anyone has the like to the original article that says that the Falcons want to move up to get A.J. Green I’d love to see it. Is it possible the Falcons will move to get A.J. Green?  According to the trade value chart a 6th overall pick would require 1600 points, which is two first rounds picks at 21st overall. The Falcons though pick later than 21st overall so it might be their first this year, their first next year and possibly another late round pick or player.

The Falcons, since players can’t be traded because of the labor situation, would have to yield their No. 1 and No. 2 this year and likely their No. 2 for next year.

The question is A.J. Green worth that much. It’s a tough call because the Falcons aren’t one player away from a Superbowl appearnace in my opinion. They still need help along the defensive line and could upgrade a few different spots on defense. In ways it makes sense because you’d have to figure that with Green being so close they must have scouted him heavily and A.J. Green with Roddy White would be one of the most talented WR groups in the league and they’ll need another receiving option moving forward because Tony Gonzalez is not a young man.

What’s your thoughts?  Is this rumor true that the Falcons might try to trade all the way up to #6 if Green makes it to the Browns on draft day? Is it a good idea?

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