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This time in our series of full team mock drafts we will take a look at the Cleveland Browns. The Cleveland Browns seemed to make strides under Eric Mangini, but he didn’t get along well with the front office and the fan base, which is a shame because Mangini valued a “type of player” more so than he did talented players and the new direction of the team might cause the Browns to, once again, overhauld their roster which could lead to turmoil and more losing. (That should read: shame because they may overhaul the roster not a shame that Mangini was fired).

But, there is a glimmer of hope in the mold of young QB Colt McCoy who is  a winner. He had a pretty good rookie year, considering the fact that the team wasn’t banking on McCoy making any kind of impact for a few years. While McCoy played well for a rookie. The entire year the offense was abysmal (31st in points, 29th in passing yards and total yards, and 20th in rush yards). Let’s take a look at the Browns needs before we get to the mock.

Everything I’ve read so far says the Browns are moving to a 4-3, if Ive been misinformed let me know.

WR-Does this really need an explanation?

TE-Watson will be 31 this year and Robert Royal will be 32. They can get by with these players for now, but they could use a young dynamic Pass catching tight end. I’m not sure they will address that this year, though.

LB-Magnini played a 3-4, the Browns are going to play a 4-3  and they don’t have he personnel to do so, which goes back to my original point about over turning the roster again.

DL-The Browns need a dynamic pass rusher to make the 4-3 successful (or a 3-4 or any defensive system). Da’Quan Bowers might not make it to them at 6, but if he did I don’t think they’d be able to pass him up.

RB-Hillis and Mike Bell are OK players, but they could use depth and talent upgrade.

To me the Browns should just draft the best player available in all rounds because they could use upgrades in a lot of places and need depth everywhere, but this mock is not what I will do, but what the Browns might do. I’m going to use draftinsider.net to create round value so if you disagree with the value of the player, blame draft insider.net. I’ve used National Football post, mockingthedraft, and drafttek before to createan artificial value, but decided to go with draftinsider.net this time.

 I will not predict trades, though I think with all of their needs it’s something the Browns should really consider (I think if Patrick Peterson falls to #6 they’ll have an instant trade partner with the Cowboys and might be able to move down just to #9 and pick up an extra early round pick or a few later round picks).

 1st round Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina

I really like Julio Jones so he makes a ton of sense here as well, but the Browns need a guy to rush the passer if they want to be successful. I’m assuming that Nick Fairley, Newton or Gabbert, A.J. Green, Von Miller, Marcel Dareus are off the board here so Quinn is the best defensive linemen available.  Quinn’s likelihood of being drafted will depend greatly on how he interviews with the Browns.  I also think that the Browns will recognize and think that they have a better chance of getting a good WR later in the draft then they do a talent as good as Robert Quinn along the defensive line.

 2nd round pick 37 Titus Young, WR, Boise State

 After looking at the prospects that draftinsidernet considers second round picks I considered going back and putting Julio Jones there in the first round because Corey Liuget (and I’m one of the few who agrees with that assessment), Jabaal Sheard, Muhammed Wilkerson are just some of the defensive linemen that are considered 2nd round picks by draftinisder and their scout sources. Titus young isn’t a huge WR, but he’s a great fit for Shumur’s offense and McCoy’s skill set because he has terrific yards after the catch ability and is an explosive option. Mangini wanted to be tough on offense and has bigger slower players, and Young would add a different dimension to the team that they are sorely missing.

 3rd Round Terrell McClain, DT, USF

 McClain is an explosive player who fits best in the 4-3 as a gap penetrator, but he’s also reliable in the run game. The Browns need help on the defensive line with the switch, and they really need pass rushing threats. There are a hundred different ways the Browns could go here…OL Help, linebacker help, secondary help, Running back, more WR weapons. I think DL is safe, you can’t have enough Dlinemen.

  4th Round Shane Vereen, RB, Cal

 Vereen has the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and also help out in the run game. Vereen would be great value here and gives the Brown more explosion on offense to help Colt McCoy continue to develop. I recognize the Browns need a lot of help on defense, but they also really need to find weapons on offense. Teams with young QBs like to give the player a chance to be a true franchise signal caller. I think this is a possible pick that might make some fans annoyed because of all the holes on defense, but it’s an evil necessity. They have no speed at the RB position and that has to be fixed.

 5th Round Mason Foster, LB, Washington

 Draft must have some information I don’t have if Mason Foster is seen as nothing better than a 4th or early 5th round pick by scouts. Foster is a tackling machine who lacks explosiveness. If Foster is available in early 5th round the Browns should run up the podium. They need help on defense, for sure.

 6th Round Richard Sherman, CB,  Stanford

 A huge gifted, but Raw cornerback who has great upside in the 5th round. Sherman is a 6-3 CB who runs in the high 4.8 range and was very good at Stanford this past season, but doesn’t have a lot of experience at the position as he was originally an offensive player. Sherman has return ability. His upside is too good pass up here. He’s not a slot cover guy, but could be very good vs outside guys and especially the bigger WR in the league (because he is bigger than most WR). Sherman, obviously has great  hands for a cornerback as well and a nose for the ball.

 Round 6 Willie Smith, T, East Carolina

 A former TE that is very athletic for an OL and has good size (6’5 310 pounds). Smith is raw, but has tremendous upside as either a guard or a tackle in the N.F.L. in the 6th round most players won’t make a team or last on the team more than for a season so teams need to look at players who have high potential or fit a niche (like a return man or special teams player). Smith is the kind of high upside low risk player the Browns should consider here.

That’s my Browns mock draft let me know what you think. I think the Browns are one of the easiest and hardest teams to mock for in the N.F.L. draft because as long as they get good players the picks will make sense. It’s hard to figure out what the Browns might do though because their new coach Shumur is an unknown commodity as a head coach.

I think the Browns, who could have to overhaul their entire roster so trading down and picking up extra picks is a very smart option.

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