Interview With Trick Shot QB and Monmouth College Star Alex Tanney

Move over, Johnny McEntee, there’s a new top trick shot quarterback in town. This one is coming from Division III Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois.

Monmouth is a small school not exactly known as being a factory for NFL talent, but we may have unearthed a gem with the new trick shot quarterback:  Alex Tanney.  After three seasons, Tanney had shattered pretty much every passing record in school history, and has over 10,000 passing yards and 118 touchdown passes.

Originally from Normal, Illinois, Tanney joined Monmouth College as a two-time first team All-State quarterback in high school and was a three sport athlete at Lexington High School. NFL Mocks had the opportunity to talk with the internet sensation and potential future NFL player.

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Monmouth College is a very obscure place for a potential NFL prospect to come from. I had to ask Alex how he wound up at Monmouth. He told me that he only played for a 1A high school, and that at only 175 pounds, he wasn’t being sought after by any division one school except for one Illinois school that offered him the opportunity to be a priority walk on. He said that intelligence was really the only thing he brought to the table that D1 schools were really interested in.

Their loss.

I then asked Alex how he was preparing for the next level, and he politely enlightened me:

AT:  Well, actually I was injured this entire past year, so I got my eligibility back but right now I have been in contact with about 8-10 NFL teams as well as teams in Canada, so playing at the next level is definitely something I’m looking forward to someday.

Since Tanney has become an internet sensation, I asked him what triggered the trick shot video, and how it all began.

AT:  You know, I always just liked to have fun in the offseason. I started throwing it at the goal post, trying to make it in basketball hoops, and one of my former teammates posted a video on my Facebook page. After that, we decided we could make an even better one, and it just went from there.

I also asked Tanney what his goals were for the coming season, and what he wanted to accomplish individually:

AT:  I really want to end my career on a good note. I want to win a conference title, and really just play well and hopefully make it to the next level.

Individually, Tanney doesn’t have a lot left to accomplish. Along with breaking numerous school records at the quarterback position, he has a nice list of individual accolades:

  • 2009 Melberger Trophy Winer (Given to top player in DIII)
  • 2009 Offensive Player of the Year in the Midwest Conference
  • 2008 Offensive Player of the Year in the Midwest Conference
  • 2009 Pre-Season All-American
  • Holds all-time Illinois high school record for pass completions

With everything he has accomplished, it’s hard to believe Tanney won’t receive a legitimate look from NFL teams, and with a strong senior campaign, I think he has a solid shot at being drafted to the NFL. I asked Alex what he has done to prepare for the coming season, and for a potential entrance to the NFL in 2012:

AT:  I’ve been coming here and preparing myself for the next level. I’m up to 220, I mentioned that I weighed only 175 when I came in, so I’ve been really working hard in the weight room. I think the work that I’ve put in, and just trying to prepare that I can make it at the next level.

As has been typical with my interviews, I asked Alex to give me a self-scouting report; a list of his strengths and weaknesses:

AT:  That’s a good question. I’d say on the field, from that perspective, my accuracy definitely. Ever since I was in high school, taking care of the ball and being accurate have been a huge part of my game. I can limit turnovers, and just making smart reads as well. Off the field, like I mentioned before, I’d definitely say my work ethic. I’m playing the most important position on the field, and trying to lead the team, I definitely think those are things that I do well.

Aside from simply being an entertaining YouTube sensation, Tanney is a high quality football player, and I think he has what it takes to succeed at the next level. Before, he was the best quarterback you have never heard of. Now, he’s the internet phenomenon trick shot quarterback who has taken the football world by storm.

We will eagerly await the future of this potential NFL player, but for now, we will enjoy his talents at the collegiate level. Aside from being the trick shot quarterback, Tanney has shown some serious talent, though he is still raw. He can sling the ball 60 yards and hit a goal post in the air with relative ease. He makes’s Fantasy Files seem like child’s play, and his shots aren’t edited.

He has displayed superb accuracy and outstanding production, something you would expect of a top tier player at a division III school. Based on the fact that he is up to 6’4″ 220 pounds, it’s clear that he has everything NFL scouts look for in a player, and Monmouth College will likely be littered with NFL scouts this season, guys who want to see Tanney sling the ball in a real game situation.

We know he can be the football equivalent of a Globetrotter, but what NFL Draft fans need to know is that this guy also has the skill to play at the next level. With a cannon for an arm and the ability to be pin-point accurate from almost 70 yards away is unreal.

He has a long road ahead of him being at a Division III school, but his name and face are out there now, and he has already somewhat made a name for himself. As we all know, it only takes one team.

It’s a ways off right now, but this is one of the more intriguing stories to follow for the 2012 NFL Draft.  Again, if you have not seen Alex’s trick shots, be sure to check them out, they are worth watching!

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