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Greetings draftonians. As you could probably tell by the title, this mock draft is all about the 2010 AFC West Divisional champs, the Kansas City Chiefs. Is it just me, or does that just sound weird? The last time the Chiefs won the AFC West was back in 2003. They were terrible from 07-09. The turn around is largely because of Scott Pioli who has reformed the entire team since being hired as General Manager back in 08. He has done an excellent job of acquiring good personnel and drafting well. Last year, he picked up Eric Berry, Dexter McCluster, Javier Arenas, Jon Asamoah, Tony Moeaki, Kendrick Lewis, and Cameron Scheffield. Eric Berry made the pro bowl team as a rookie. The rest of the draft class showed a lot of promise, particularly Arenas and Moeaki. With the draft a little over 2 months away, lets take a look at the team needs for the Chiefs.

1. Nose Tackle
Ron Edwards has been a nice serviceable player for the Chiefs as they transitioned to the 3-4, but he is getting older and the Chiefs have nobody behind him. They recently brought in Sean Rodgers for a visit. If he signs with the Chiefs, the need for nose tackle goes down. However, Rodgers has visited a number of teams already so who knows who he will sign with. There aren’t that many nose tackles in this class, but the few that there are will surely be on the Chiefs big board.

The Chiefs brought back Casey Weigmann last year and the move proved effective. The 37 year old veteran did a nice job this year and helped the Chiefs have the top rushing attack in the NFL. However, Weigmann could be retiring and the Chiefs do not have a replacement on the roster. The center class isn’t particularly strong in this years draft so they might look to pick up a a player in free agency.

Rush Linebacker
The Chiefs have a fantastic pass rusher in Tamba Hali. He is a great player who doesn’t get near the recognition he deserves. He was recently franchised by the Chiefs to assure he will be with the team at least until next year. There isn’t much opposite of Hali. They have a young guy that has some potential in Andy Studebaker, but he is far from a sure thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chiefs spent an early selection in finding some help for Hali.

Wide Reciever
The Chiefs thought they had a nice group of receivers going into 2010. Dwayne Bowe, Chris Chambers, and Dexter McCluster were supposed to be a dangerous trio. Instead, Bowe was a one man show while Chambers did nothing and McCluster was injured. Bowe had a pro bowl year catching 72 passes for 1,162 yards and 15 touchdowns. If the Chiefs want to continue to be on top of the AFC West, they will need to get Matt Cassel another target opposite of Bowe. I would be surprised if the Chiefs picked a WR in round 1. There are plenty of WR available in rounds 2-4.

The Chiefs had a great year last year and a large part of that is due to the play of Matt Cassel. With Charlie Weis as his offensive coordinator, Cassel had a pro bowl year where he threw 27 touchdowns to 7 interceptions. He will be the starter in 2011. However, Cassel missed a game due to injury last year. His replacement, Brodie Croyle, was just awful. He went 7 for 17 with no touchdowns while taking 4 sacks. A better back up is needed. There are quite a few guys that will be available in the late rounds.

Mock Draft

1st Round #21 overall: Phil Taylor, NT from Baylor

Phil Taylor has probably risen up more draft boards then any other prospect in the NFL draft. After having a very good Senior Bowl, he has entered late 1st round consideration. What might help Taylor the most is the fact that he is one of the few true nose tackles in this draft. He is a big body who is capable of drawing double teams and help stuff the run. If Taylor performs well at the Combine, he could continue to move up draft boards and will undoubtedly be a person Scott Pioli keeps an eye on. The Chiefs have a need at NT and Taylor has a good chance of being on the board at their pick.

2nd Round #55: Leonard Hankerson, WR from Miami
Hankerson is another player who really improved his stock at the Senior Bowl. He caught 5 passes for 99 yard and a touchdown in the game. Hankerson has nice size coming in at 6 ft 3, 205 pounds. He has long arms and strong hands. He showed a good ability to locate the ball and to go up and get it. Hankerson doesn’t show great speed or a burst off the line. I would guess that he doesn’t run faster then a 4.5 40 yard dash. He would be a very nice compliment to WR Dwayne Bowe and TE Tony Moeaki.

3rd Round #86: Jabaal Sheard, DE/OLB from Pittsburgh.
If the Chiefs want to continue to stay on top of the AFC West, they will need to find more ways to get to the QB then Tamba Hali. Sheard is an underrated player in my view. He has been overshadowed by Greg Romeus during his time at Pittsburgh, but do not sleep on this guy. He has a good first step, a nice arsenal of pass rush moves and is a smart player with a good motor. He will need to learn how to drop in coverage, but he could develop into a very nice compliment to Tamba Hali.

4th Round #117: Tim Barnes, C from Missouri
The center class this year is not very good. There aren’t many players who have starter potential. When you look at all of the potential centers, Barnes makes the most sense for Chiefs. Barnes is a developmental guy. I don’t think he can step in day 1 and start, but he is an athletic, intelligent player who can mature into a starter if he gets stronger and fixes some technique issues. He looks to be a good fit for a zone block scheme and would benefit greatly from sitting behind and learning from Casey Weigmann.

5th Round #132: Greg Salas, WR from Hawaii
Another WR? Yes. The Chiefs literally have nothing at the position. Dwayne Bowe is their only good receiving option. Dexter McCluster was hurt for a big part of the year, but he has already displayed his effectiveness from the slot position. The Chiefs just drafted Leonard Hankerson to play opposite of Bowe, but that only gives the Chiefs 3 good receivers. Salas is a well put together WR standing at 6 ft 2, 210 pounds. He is a good route runner and a guy who can be a nice backup player from either the slot or outside position.

5th Round #136: Greg McElroy, QB from Alabama
Brodie Croyle is awful. He started one game for the injured Matt Cassel and he put in a pitiful performance. Greg McElroy reminds me a lot of Matt Cassel. He’s a very intelligent QB who deciphers defenses and reacts very well. He doesn’t have great physical tools, but Greg was a leader at Alabama and I think he could be a starter somewhere down the line.

7th Round #212: Armond Smith, RB from Union
The Chiefs had the best running game in the NFL last year. They had arguably the best RB in Jamaal Charles and a nice complimentary back in Thomas Jones. However, there isn’t much behind them and Jones is over 30. Armond Smith is very undersized weighing in at 5 ft 9, 186 pounds, but he has elite speed and elusiveness. He is capable of catching passes out of the backfield and once he has the ball in space, look out. He’s a guy worth a shot in the 7th.

Let’s review what this draft does for the Chiefs:

1st round- Phil Taylor, NT from Baylor
2nd round- Leonard Hankerson, WR from Miami
3rd round- Jabaal Sheard, DE/OLB from Pittsburgh
4th round- Tim Barnes, C from Missouri
5th round- Greg Salas, WR from Hawaii
5th round- Greg McElroy, QB from Alabama
7th round- Armond Smith, RB from Union

All of the key needs for the Chiefs were addressed. They got themselves a nose tackle to groom in Taylor and some pass rush help in Sheard. There offense was given a big boost with this draft. In addition to a new starting WR in Hankerson, they got a center to groom in Barnes, more depth at WR in Salas and a potential scatback in Armond Smith. Overall, the Chiefs got depth and talent in key positions. It will help them contend for their 2nd straight AFC West Championship.

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  • chiefsFan07

    I like the Phil Taylor pick and the well-roundness of the choices. I don’t agree with the Hankerson pick because I think they specifically want a speed receiver who can stretch the field. I also don’t think our roster is well-built to the point where Pioli will pick for need; just like last year when he slipped in Arenas in the second round, expect surprises based on who he assesses as the best player available.

    • Nick Castillo

      Thanks for the comment chiefsFan07. I agree the Chiefs would love a speedy receiver. I think they would like to get their hands on a Titus Young, but he’s a reach at #21 and I don’t think he will be there at #55. Hankerson is probably the best available. That is why I mocked him to the Chiefs.

      As to your Pioli point, I agree. He will probably slip in a Javier Arenas at some point. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • sayrebedinger

    As a Broncos fan, I hate this mock draft. The Chiefs have one of the best front offices in the game today, and this is a draft that I would be afraid of. Jabaal Sheard in the third round is absolute robbery. He is a great player who will be a great fit in that scheme. Hankerson is one of my favorite receiver prospects.

    Phil Taylor is a reach, sure, but he fits an area of need and will start immediately.

    Greg McElroy would easily be a great spot starter for them if Cassel gets hurt.

    Great draft for the Chiefs.

    • Nick Castillo

      Thanks sayre. I agree. This draft would be a bad thing for all the other AFC West teams.

  • Cheadman

    Great job guys. Don’t think a better mock draft exists. Although I would love to see Pioli draft “needs” I have a feeling we may see a few picks that are the best available. Given how Pioli operates I can see a little of both happening.

    Again, good job guys.

    • Nick Castillo

      Thanks Cheadman. I appreciate the comment.

      Agreed on how Pioli opperates. Especially if there is free agency, I would expect him to address a position like center and use a draft pick on BPA.

  • Brock

    Why would we draft another center to groom when Asamoa looked pretty good the times he played last year as a rookie?

    • EndZone587

      Asamoa didn’t play a down at center, it was all Casey. I would much rather seem John at guard and draft another center.

      • Nick Castillo

        I was not aware that Asamoa played center at all. If the Chiefs believe he can be their guy then good for them. That’s one less position they need to address, but I think they would draft a center before trying to convert Asamoa. I would think converting Asamoa would be a last resort, everybody else is injured decision.

  • jim stumbaugh

    prolem. if we look at cassel throughclear glasses intead of statswhat do we see. i see a guy who once teams went to 8 in the box fell apart every timee, cassel cant carry the load when we really need him to

    • Nick Castillo

      I don’t think Cassel can carry the load, but as long as the running game works then Cassel can continue to be the guy in KC. The question is can he be the guy to lead them to a SB. That’s a question we can only find out in time.

  • warpaintdenny

    I like taking a NT with the 1st pick, don’t know about the WR’s though. I think we might be better off picking up a FA for receiver than hoping on a middle round draft pick. I for one believe we can’t afford a throw away pick, WR’s in particular are hard to judge/evaluate in the mid rounds. Better off sticking with the “can’t miss picks” or looking for FA’s.


    Getting Pouncey from Florida will solidify our line for years to come at center/guard. His brother was a Pro-Bowler his first year. He is strong and tough for our ground pound game. This is not a stretch for a proven player in the SEC.

  • jim stumbaugh

    when was the last time chiefs drafted a defensive line man that was worth the time and money. not dorsey or sims or?

  • steve terrill

    FYI, the Chiefs have been playing Jon Asamoah at center. Shawn Rogers is another Chester McGlockton and we need a left OT. Jamal Brown from the Saints would be available. Brandon Albert can’t handle the bull rush, pure and simple.

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  • DT58OLB

    Would Perfer if the Draft went as Follows:

    1. Justin Houston – Great Pass Rusher as DE and OLB in College.
    2. Marcus Cannon – OT TCU. Will be a Guard in the NFL in the Mode of Carl Nicks and Leonard Davis
    3. Titus Young – WR Boise State. Seems to be Slipping in Drafts could be a steal
    4. Daniel Thomas – RB K-State. Bigger RB to help Spell Jamaal Charles
    5. Austin Pettis – WR Boise state. Just a Personal Fav. I think people get too caught up in times speed. This guy is a player

    • Jesse Bartolis

      I think Titus Young has been moving up boards…people keep comparing him to DeSean Jackson and he might actually valut into the first round.

  • Paul D. Breshears

    We need the best Tackle available. Number one priority. We need to shop Tomba for 2 first round choices even If we give up something including Tomba to get it. Next year we will fall back to 8 and 8 while hopefully being a better more rounded team. The Chiefs need to run. We need another Center and a Play making Line Backer next to Derrick Johnson for the Defense.

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