Marcus Gilchrist Interview

I had an opportunity to have a phone interview with Marcus Gilchrist the CB/S out of the University of Clemson. Gilchrist was a big recruit out of high school and had a very nice career at Clemson as a cornerback, safety, and return man. It is that versatility that will make him attractive to any N.F.L. team that decides to draft him in the 2011 N.F.L. draft.

After the pleasantries I got right into the interview.

1) What was your favorite team growing up and do you have a preference of who drafts you?

My favorite team  was the Chicago Bears.  But I don’t really have a preference for where I am drafted. I  just want to worry about the things I can control. I just love to play football.

 2) What are your hobbies away from the football field?

I’m a big music person along with electronics and fashion. And if I’m not playing football I’m probably listening to music on my macbook.

 You said you enjoy music, do you make any of your own music?

You know, I do dabble in it here and there.  I like to play around with it. (it-creating his own music).

3) Where are you working to get ready for the combine and what are you focusing on?

I’m working in Boca Raton Florida  with Tony Villani XPE Sports. And as a DB I’m working on all of the drills, but the big one is that 40. So I’ve been working on that a lot.

4) Speakng of the 40: any prediction for your 40 yard dash time?

No, I dont’ have a prediction for that.

5) What’s the quick scouting report on Marcus Gilchrist?

A guy who can move around.  I can play around on the football field where ever they put me at and do well.

That’s one reason I like you for the Giants is that  versatility at cornerback and safety.

7) What was your most memorable win at college?

The win at My junior year going down to Miami we were big underdogs going in that game and we beat a top 10 team.

(I lost part of the answer to this question due to my own stupidity  and I don’t want to quote if I can’t use Marcus’ own words)

Marcus though was gracious enough to fill in for me what I missed, which was that it was such a memorable win because they were able to pull out the victory after a tough game to beat a team that was in the top 10. (as a note in that game Gilchrist had 10 tackles and a sack in that 40-37 win).

8 ) At Clemson you played with a  lot of talented players who was the best?

Defensively or just overall?

Both would be nice.

Defensively I would say Michael Hamlin was one of the best. He might not have all the huge measurables  but he knew where everyone was going and he was always head of the game and just a very smart,  good player.

As far as overall.  OF course everyone knows about C.J. Spiller Tremendous athlete. His talent speaks for itself.

He certainly can run very fast


10) Do you have a feeling about where you might be drafted yet?  Have you got any feed back about that?

No I really haven’t, you know, like I said I just try to focus on the what I can control.

That’s probably the best way to look at it. I was reading a lot of 3rd or 4th round


 11) What’s the first thing you’re buying with your new contract?

(light chuckle) I have no idea.


Probably depends on where you’re drafted.

Haha probably does.

12) What was the best class, or non football related thing about Clemson?

 The people. The people were very down to earth it really felt like a family atmosphere. Just like where I come from High Point North Carolina it felt like just being home.

I want to personally think Marcus for taking time out of his busy schedule to spend a few minutes with me. I really enjoyed when he was talking about what set Michael Hamlin apart as a defensive player in college.

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