NFL Draft Player Interview: Jarred Fayson, Illinois

NFL Mocks is proud to bring you our latest feature, Player Interviews.  The staff at NFL Mocks has been working hard to establish many different relationships and thanks to agreements with Ignition APG, D1 Sports, OTG Sports Management and St. Vincent Sports Performance we are able to bring you a closer look at the NFL Draft.  Over the next several weeks you will be seeing a lot of different player interviews and we want to thank the players for taking time out of their day to answer some questions.  Hopefully these interviews will let you get a good feel for the different personalities of each prospect.

This interview was provided by Jarred Fayson from Illinois.  Fayson is currently working on all aspects of his game in hopes of improving his draft stock.  We want to wish Jarred good luck as the NFL Draft approaches.

Question: What has been your most memorable College Football experience?

Answer: Fayson had the unique opportunity to play for two major college programs.  He really cherishes the time he spent at Florida including being apart of the National Championship team.  He also was very fond of  the opportunities he received at Illinois including their win this season in Happy Valley against Penn State.

Question: Who was the best player you faced during your College Football Career?

Answer: The 2006 LSU defense left a big impression on Fayson, that defense included Glenn Dorsey and Laron Landry.  Fayson just remembered that they flew to the football and wanted to dominate a football game.

Question: What part of your game do you feel you have improved the most during your college career?

Answer: As his college career progressed Fayson improved his ability to read a defense and that resulted in more crisp routes.  Overall his route running improved each and every year and that had a lot to do with hard work.

Question: To succeed at anything in life you need to have something that drives you, what is tit that drives you to succeed?

Answer: Fayson believes strongly in his skills but always wants to improve.  His drive to improve is his biggest push to succeed. 

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Question: What do you love most about football?

Answer: The ability to compete against top competition his something that Fayson loves about football.  He likes going out on the field and showing the world that he has what it takes to be a playmaker.

Question: What area of your game do you hope to improve on?

Answer: Fayson wants to be able to “run for days”.  He is working on improving his leg strength and endurance.  He has heard how important stamina is in the NFL and he wants to be prepared.  The key is to be able to perform at a high level for long periods of time.

Question: Do you consider yourself a vocal leader or someone that leads by example?

Answer: Working hard and showing your teammates that you are willing to do what it takes to win is very important.  Fayson prefers to lead by example but knows when its necessary to speak up.

Question: When it’s all said and done what would you have liked to accomplish in the NFL?

Answer: Fayson wants to be a contributor on a Super Bowl winning team.  Winning and the team are very important it Fayson.

Question: Does  your draft position matter to you? Will it affect you if you fall further than expected?

Answer: Fayson is going to have the same work ethic if he is a 1st round pick or a 7th round pick.  “Its all about showing the coaches what your capable of and that your willing to work hard”.

Question: What do you feel is the strongest part of your game?

Answer: Fayson feels he has a lot of good features but his strength and physical play is his strong suit.  He also feels that he has the ability to gain separation from the defensive back.

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