NFL Draft Player Interview: Edmund Gates, Abilene Christ.

NFL Mocks is proud to bring you our latest feature, Player Interviews.  The staff at NFL Mocks has been working hard to establish many different relationships and thanks to agreements with Ignition APG, D1 Sports, and St. Vincent Sports Performance we are able to bring you a closer look at the NFL Draft.  Over the next several weeks you will be seeing a lot of different player interviews and we want to thank the players for taking time out of their day to answer some questions.  Hopefully these interviews will let you get a good feel for the different personalities of each prospect.

This interview was provided by Edmund Gates from Abilene Christian.  Gates is currently training at Ignition APG and working towards getting himself ready to impress NFL teams.  We want to wish Edmund good luck as the NFL Draft approaches.

Question: What has been your most memorable College Football experience?

Answer:  Edmund was quick to point out that he really loved the game against West Texas where he helped his team score an unheard of 93 points.

Question: Who was the best player you faced during your College Football Career?

Answer: Edmund felt that he always got great competition from DJ Whitley during practice.  Whitley is from Austin, Texas and his effort and skills always brought the best out of Gates.

Question: What part of your game do you feel you have improved the most during your college career?

Answer: Gates pointed out that with time and repetition he improved his route running and ability to read a defense.  He felt that good coaching and the extra time he put in allowed him to improve each and every year.

Question: To succeed at anything in life you need to have something that drives you, what is tit that drives you to succeed?

Answer: As is the case with a lot of people Edmund felt that his son, Edmund Jr., is his biggest inspiration.  He also mentioned that he is the type of person that always gives 100% but he does it all for his son and family.  Gates also pointed out that he is proud of what he accomplished and that his upbringing and story has made him stronger.

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Question: What do you love most about football?

Answer: Gates love the competition of the game and how it brings out the best in people.  He loves testing his skills and ability and striving to be the best at what he does.

Question: What area of your game do you hope to improve on, while at Ignition?

Answer: Gates will be focusing on improving the technique of his 40 time while at Ignition.  He also will be working on his balance and improving his ability to accelerate in and out of his breaks.  All reports from Ignition’s Clif Marshall are that Gates is performing well and working extremely hard.

Question: Do you consider yourself a vocal leader or someone that leads by example?

Answer: Gates loves to help teammates and lead vocally during practice but in the game everyone should be focused and ready to go.

Question: When it’s all said and done what would you have liked to accomplish in the NFL?

Answer: Gates wants to succeed at life as a whole and football is a major part of that as well as his family.  He wants to get drafted and succeed in the NFL and be the best he could be!  He would love to use his success in the NFL to provide security for his family and hometown.  Gates wants to give back to the community and share his story with the world.  He would like everyone to know that if you work hard you can overcome anything.  Keep an eye out because Gates has expressed a willingness to share his story with us at NFL Mocks.

Question: Does  your draft position matter to you? Will it affect you if you fall further than expected?

Answer: Gates said that his draft position will have no impact about his attitude and effort.  He only was a shot to compete and show that he has what it takes to make in the NFL.  Gates stated “if they love it, they will take it” which I felt was a great statement coming from a man that is confident with the work he has put in.

Question: What do you feel is the strongest part of your game?

Answer: Gates feels that his best attribute is his speed.  I couldn’t agree more and we fully expect him to run a great 40 time!  Good luck again to Edmund Gates and thanks for speaking with us. Also be sure to check out Ignition APG’s website as they are a top of the line facility w/ an absolutely great staff!

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