NFL Draft Player Interview: Damien Berry, Miami

NFL Mocks is proud to bring you our latest feature, Player Interviews.  The staff at NFL Mocks has been working hard to establish many different relationships and thanks to agreements with Ignition APG, D1 Sports, and St. Vincent Sports Performance we are able to bring you a closer look at the NFL Draft.  Over the next several weeks you will be seeing a lot of different player interviews and we want to thank the players for taking time out of their day to answer some questions.  Hopefully these interviews will let you get a good feel for the different personalities of each prospect.

Our first Interview was provided by Damien Berry of Miami.  Berry is currently training at D1 sport and working towards getting himself ready to impress NFL teams.  We want to wish Damien good luck as the NFL Draft approaches.

Question: What has been your most memorable College Football experience?

Answer: Last year’s game against Duke was very memorable!  We had a great 4th quarter comeback and the crowd was chanting my name.  *Berry finished the game with 25 carries for 111 yards and a touchdown!

Question: Who was the best player you faced during your College Football Career?

Answer: Victor “Macho” Harris was a very good player that always made a sure tackle.  He was tough to shake and gain extra yards against.

Question: What part of your game do you feel you have improved the most during your college career?

Answer: My knowledge of the game and my hands have improved the most.

Question: To succeed at anything in life you need to have something that drives you, what is tit that drives you to succeed?

Answer: My two daughters make me want to be successful.

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Question: What do you love most about football?

Answer: I love the contact, the adrenaline rush before and during the game, and everything that comes along with the game of football.

Question: What area of your game do you hope to improve on, while at D1?

Answer: I want improve my explosive 2nd gear when I get into the open field.

Question: Do you consider yourself a vocal leader or someone that leads by example?

Answer: I am both, depends on the game because I know what my team needs in different situations.

Question: When it’s all said and done what would you have liked to accomplish in the NFL?

Answer: I want to win a Super Bowl, make the Pro Bowl, and let everyone in the nation know that I will do anything to help my team succeed.

Question: Does  your draft position matter to you? Will it affect you if you fall further than expected?

Answer: It doesn’t matter to me, I just want an opportunity to show off my talents at the next level.

Question: What do you feel is the strongest part of your game?

Answer: My strengths are my ability to make people miss a tackle in space, run through tackles, and gain yards after contact.

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