Updated 2011 NFL Mock Draft: 12/16/10

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As we head into another weekend of NFL football we are getting a clearer picture of where some teams will be selecting in the 2011 NFL Draft.  Here at NFL Mocks we love to bring you updated Mock Drafts because it gives you a look at what your team could possibly add in the offseason.  Below is the most recent mock by Site Director and Lead Scout Jon Dove.  Be sure to check our our Big Board, Team Needs, and Scouting Reports.  You can also check out DCSports Report’s mock draft database to compare this mock to others out on the web.

1. Carolina Panthers- Andrew Luck- QB- Stanford

– This is going to be a very good story line leading up to the draft because the Panthers will be welcoming a new coaching staff with a very tough decision to make.  Will the new staff feel comfortable with Jimmy Clausen as the future of their franchise or will  they be unable to pass up the top prospect in the draft?

2. Cincinnati Bengals- Marcel Dareus- DT- Alabama

– What a disaster of a season for Cincinnati but on the bright side they get to add some talent early in the draft.  I am not among those calling for Carson Palmer’s head and feel he will be back next season.  So with that being said I feel this team needs to          address their defensive line and adding a player like Dareus will make them a lot better.  Dareus will do a good job penetrating and creating pressure in the backfield.

3. Denver Broncos- Patrick Peterson- CB- LSU

– Champ Bailey has had a great career but its starting to come to an end and the recent legal troubles for Parrish Cox leaves them thin at corner.  Peterson is an extremely talented player that has a lot of similar attributes to Champ.  The Broncos will be breaking in a new coaching staff and adding Peterson would be a good place to start.

4. Detroit Lions- Prince Amukamara- CB- Nebraska

– The Lions have improved but unless Matt Stafford can get over the injury bug they will not contend.  At this point it would be to early to address the offensive line and the next biggest need is at corner.  Amukamara isn’t the gifted athlete Peterson is but he is more technically sound and might be the better overall cover man.

5. Buffalo Bills- Da’Quan Bowers- DE- Clemson

– The Bills have a lot to figure out and it starts with the future of Ryan Fitzpatrick.  I think if the Bills cannot get Luck they will take a pass on the other first round quarterbacks and address their defense.  So the next question they need to answer is are they a 3-4 defense or a 4-3 defense?  I think they will decide to go with the 4-3 which better fits their personal and that leads me to this selection of Bowers who will be a pass rushing force off the edge for years to come.

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Will Carson Palmer be the starting QB for the Bengals next season?

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6. Dallas Cowboys- Robert Quinn- OLB/DE- North Carolina

- Every week I struggle to find the right mix of talent and need for the Cowboys selection.  They need to address their offensive line but at this point it would be a real reach to select someone like Carimi (our top rated OT).  The option of trading down and collecting more picks will have to be highly considered.  Another option would be trading up to get one of the top rated cornerbacks.  In the case that they stay at this spot I feel they will look to add a playmaker on defense and that is Quinn.

7. Arizona Cardinals- Ryan Mallett- QB- Arkansas

- There is no doubt in my mind that the Cardinals will be selecting a quarterback with their first round selection.  I also feel that the Cardinals organization feels they are ready to contend right now so they will be looking to add a quarterback that can contribute right away.  They will not look to the project quarterbacks like Newton and Locker and instead go with the game ready Mallett.

8. Washington Redskins- AJ Green- WR- Georgia

-  Green is arguably the best player in this draft and the fact that the Redskins could get him here is a steal.  No matter who is the starting quarterback in Washington next season they will need someone to throw the football to and Green is a real game changer.

9. San Francisco 49ers- Cam Newton- QB- Auburn

- The 49ers will be another team breaking in a new coaching staff and with new coaches usually comes new quarterbacks.  I personally feel that Newton is going to struggle in the NFL but there is no ignoring this talent.  The strategy for the 49ers here might be resigning Alex Smith and letting him run the show until Newton is ready to take over.

10. Tennessee Titans- Nick Fairly- DT- Auburn

- The relationship between Vince Young and owner Bud Adams will be the deciding factor in Vince’s return to the Titans.  So with VY at quarterback the Titans will look to fill the void left by Albert Haynesworth.  Fairly is a dynamic player that is both strong against the run and pass.  He would be an excellent 3 technique because of his quick first step and explosion up the field.

11. Minnesota Vikings- Jake Locker- QB- Washington

- If you scan the internet and check out some other mocks I am sure you will not find Locker going this high.  But I believe that Locker will see his stock rise after the Senior Bowl and other workouts.  He is a really talented player that just needs some time to develop and the Vikings could bring back Tavaris Jackson to keep the seat warm.

12. Houston Texans- Rahim Moore- S- UCLA

- After another disappointing season the Texans will continue to put attention to the defensive side of the football.  Moore would be a nice complement to Bernard Pollard.

13. Cleveland Browns- Julio Jones- WR- Alabama

- The Browns have their running back in Peyton Hillis and their quarterback in Colt McCoy and with this pick they get their #1 receiver.  Jones will be a nice big target for McCoy has he continues to develop.

14. St. Louis Rams- Justin Blackmon- WR- Oklahoma State

- Much like the Browns the Rams need to give their young quarterback a playmaker.  Blackmon has been one of the most electrifying players in college football and he will be an instant threat in the NFL.

15. Seattle Seahawks- Janoris Jenkins- CB- Florida

- The Seahawks have had one of the worst secondaries in the NFL this season and with all the top quarterbacks off the board they are forced to go in this direction.  We could also see them address the offensive line but I think adding another talented player to the secondary is a must.

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