NFL Power Rankings - Week 15

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16. St. Louis RamsThe Rams are sub .500 and control their own destiny. Amazing how the NFL works.

17. Oakland Raiders How quickly things change in the NFL, a week ago Oakland got a big win over San Diego. Today they are sub .500 and looking up at two teams in their division.

18. Houston Texans – Amazing comeback by the Texans.  Andre Johnson is nothing short of a superstar.

19. Seattle SeahawksLeon Washington had another Kickoff return for a TD. I bet the Jets are really glad they have Joe McKnight instead.

20. Cleveland Browns For all the positive steps the Browns have taken this season, losing to the Bills wasn’t one of them. When Colt McCoy comes back this team will improve, or at least one would assume they would. Jake Delhomme is just plain awful.

21. Miami Dolphins How long til we begin talking about Chad Henne in the same breath as Jake Delhomme and Carson Palmer? If he keeps it up my guess is not to much longer.

22. San Francisco 49ers Sadly the 49ers are rated this low and are still fighting for a playoff spot. Hurray for the NFC West!

23. Minnesota Vikings Brett Farve’s streak finally ended which means we can all remember that he isn’t good enough or healthy enough to start for this team anyways.

24. Washington Redskins I doubt that Dan Synder thought hiring Mike Shannahan and trading for Donovan McNabb would get him a 5-8 record through 13 games. At least they have Albert Haynesworth lighting it up on defense. Oh wait…

25. Dallas Cowboys - Dallas may not be able to get to .500 this year, but Jason Garrett can still prove he is worth hiring full time in the last three games.

26. Arizona CardinalsThe Cardinals are a mess. Their best player yesterday was their kicker, and they totally need to start over this offseason. On the bright side they have seen every one of their QB’s in action so they know what they need in the draft. A quarterback is probably at the top of their wish list.

27. Tennessee Titans When no one can figure out why a talented team isn’t winning football games its easy to blame it on the coach. Between the Vince Young drama and a current six game losing streak Jeff Fisher is definitely on the hot seat. His streak as Titans head coach may be coming to an end at the end of this season.

28. Detroit Lions A win over the Packers was huge for this team even if they had to knock Aaron Rodgers out to get it. They were playing their third string QB so they deserve some credit for winning despite themselves.

29. Buffalo BillsAnother win for the improving Bills even if it was against a weak Cleveland team. This team is improving each week and with a solid draft should be able to get something going.

30. Denver Broncos Denver let a kicker score 25 points. They are that bad. Play Tim Tebow already.

31. Carolina Panthers – Carolina has one more chance to win another game. They have Arizona this weekend followed by match ups with Pittsburgh and Atlanta. There chances of improving their record are getting slim.

32. Cincinnati Bengals – Ten straight losses for a team this talented is inexcusable. Carson Palmer looks terrible and is hardly worthy of a backup QB job in the NFL these days. Cincinnati has some decisions to make with everyone on this roster.

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