NFLMocks Weekly Podcast!

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Alright ladies and gentlemen NFLMocks is proud to bring your our first NFL Draft Podcast!  The podcast will be brought to you every week so be sure to tune in.  This weeks podcast touch on several topics including breaking down the team needs for the NFC North.  We even went as far as giving your a few prospects that the NFC North teams might fit best.  Our draft analysts talk about the balance of team need and player value.  We then move on to identify our Big Board movers and shakers.  Lastly we breakdown a few prospects including Mark Ingram.

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  • bitonti

    entertaining… good luck fellas… talking Detroit Lions draft needs… yes they need a CB but when are they gonna replace Jeff Backus? It’s like the whole franchise was in denial on their OL. Or cause Cherlius wasn’t a great pick they lost faith in drafting OT? Operating out of the shotgun is not a default formation in the NFL. Stafford isn’t durable but that’s even more of a reason to address their OL.

    • joshd

      Thanks for listening! OT is still a big need for the Lions, but from where the season sits now, they are drafting from too high a position to be looking at a Offensive lineman with their pick. They’ve shown some promise that makes me think they will be drafting closer to 15th than 5th, but right now that’s where they are and the talent at CB is there while the talent for OL isn’t this year.