Inside the NFL Draft: Training Facilities

Our goal here at NFL Mocks is to bring you the most in-depth look at the NFL Draft as possible.  To give you that look we work tirelessly to gain information and make meaningful connections.  With that being said we are glad to inform you that we have formed a relationship with Ignition APG.  Ignition APG is a facility that aims to strengthen an athlete’s body, mind, and spirit.  Ignition has several programs that are geared to assisting NFL hopefuls gain a competitive advantage.  They have a specific program that is tailored to the workouts at the NFL Combine.  Our relationship with Ignition will allow us to bring you player interviews as well as an in-depth look at a very important part of the NFL Draft process.

The NFL Draft is something that can earn an athlete a lot of money and that money is very much dependent on where you’re selected.  There is no underestimating the impact the NFL Combine has on a players draft position.  A facility such as Ignition APG has the ability to earn NFL prospects considerably more money on their initial contract.  While I hate discussing the monetary side of the game it’s unavoidable.  However, these facilities provided other great services as they get athletes prepared for the rigors of the NFL season.

Please continue to check in as each week we will be looking even closer at the impact facilities like Ignition APG have on the NFL Draft.  We want to thank the fine folks at Ingition APG for working with us and giving everyone this unique look inside the NFL Draft process.  We will be checking in a lot with Performance Director Clif Marshall as he pumps us full of information!

Please be sure to check out Ignition APG’s website here!  The website has a lot of interesting information and gives some good looks at what is done at Ignition APG.  For even more direct information about their NFL Combine Program check out this link!!

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