Mystery Propsect Game Week #3

Alright NFL Mocks readers we are going to start up a little competition that will be held each Monday morning.  We will highlight some attributes and stats of a specific NFL Draft prospect and we will allow you the readers to guess the prospect.  Everyone will get 1 guess and they can email that guess to me at [email protected] and I will record everyone’s responses.  I will keep a leaderboard tally that will be posted each Monday with the new mystery prospect.  Below are the rules:

  1. The emails must be received by me no later than midnight the day of the post.  Since I live on the East Coast that’s the time we will go by.
  2. In the email include the name of the prospect and the name you want to appear on the leaderboard.  The spelling of the prospects name will count!
  3. Again only 1 guess per participant!
  4. At the end of the season the winner will be receive some NFL Draft Swag!!!
  5. If at the end of the season there is a tie we will have a series of different questions to find the true winner.

The answer to the 2nd week game was Travis Lewis linebacker from Oklahoma.  We had a few correct answers and some who felt we were talking about Michigan State linebacker Greg Jones.

Here is Prospect #3 get your guesses in by midnight tonight!

1. I am considered a sack master and spend most of the game in the opponents backfield.

2. Some have stated I disappear in the big games but I am setting out to prove them wrong.

3. I play a coveted position and many NFL teams will be considering me in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

4. I was named an All-American last season and was the first to represent my school since 1999.

Who Am I?

Participant Correct Answers
Danbaing 2
Doug Beers 2
Herbert Fr. 1
DTwice 1
Yankees10 1
TexWestern 1

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