Reviewing the 2006 NFL Draft: NFC East

It’s been 4 years since the 2006 NFL Draft and those selected have had time to make an impact on their respective teams.  In this new series of articles the writers at NFLMocks will be breaking down each team division by division and grading their drafts.  We will identify the top busts and the biggest sleepers and would love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comment section of each post.

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles

Grade: A

The 2006 NFL Draft produced numerous productive players for the Eagles.  The draft was headlined by first round pick Brodrick Bunkley who has been a steady contributor along the defensive line.  Bunkley has improved in each of his 4 seasons in the league and is knocking at the door of a Pro Bowl Selection.  The Eagles used their 2nd round pick to select Winston Justice the tackle out of USC.  Many experts had Justice pegged as a first round pick and they were very high on the selection by the Eagles.  Justice has developed into a nice starting right tackle for the Eagles and he has a bright future.  Many may remember Justice’s ugly performance when the Giant’s Osi Umenyiora set a record by recording 6 sacks in one game.  Chris Gocong was the Eagles 3rd round selection and he has spent his career in and out of the starting lineup but was a decent contributor.  He was recently traded to the Cleveland Browns.  The Eagles capitalized on their later round picks by selecting Jason Avant and Omar Gaither.  Avant has been a reliable target for Eagle quarterbacks and continues to develop.  He recently received a contract extension.  Gaither has been used as both a starter and backup and has made an impact on special teams.  Overall this was an excellent draft for the Philadelphia Eagles, they added playmakers and depth and most of the players remain on the team to date.

Dallas Cowboys

Grade: F

This draft was basically a wash for the Dallas Cowboys.  With their    first round pick they selected Bobby Carpenter out of Ohio State and he never managed to make an impact.  During this offseason he was traded for another 1st round failure Alex Barron.  Carpenter hopes that the change of scenery will help rejuvenate his career.  Another player selected that is no longer with the team is Anthony Fasano.  Fasano is currently with the Miami Dolphins and he receives consistent playing time.  The rest of the Cowboys draft is filled with backups and situational players.   When you look at this draft the Cowboys just didn’t get any production and therefore earned themselves a poor grade.

Washington Redskins

Grade: D

The cream of the 2006 draft crop for the Redskins is linebacker Rocky McIntosh.  The Redskins didn’t have a first round pick but used their 2nd rounder on McIntosh.  McIntosh has been an above average linebacker and is constantly around the football.  There is a situation currently brewing about whether or not McIntosh will fit in the Redskin’s new 3-4 defensive scheme.  The rest of the Redskins draft has not made an impact.  They got good value out of 6th rounder Kendric Golsten but other than him there isn’t much to be excited about.

New York Giants

Grade: C-

If you put the Giants draft into baseball terms I would categorize it as a double.  They are in scoring position but need just a little more to get the run across.  The Giants added promising defensive players Mathias Kiwanuka and Barry Cofield.  Kiwanuka has tons of upside as a pass rusher but has yet to put together enough consistency, however, that might be a result of the team switching him back and forth between defensive end and linebacker.  More questions have come up on his future after the Giants utilized their first round pick this year on defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.  Cofield has started since his rookie year but struggled last season and is looking to rebound.  The major disappointment for this draft class is Sinorice Moss, whom the Giants selected with their 2nd round pick.  Moss has just 39 career receptions and only 1 last season.  This was a decent draft but could be a lot better if Kiwanuka continues to develop and Cofield rebounds.

Top Bust Candidates: Bobby Carpenter, Sinorice Moss

Top Sleeper Candidates: Jason Avant, Barry Cofield

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  • Mike

    The Eagles didn’t do too shabby in 2006 but I don’t know if I’d rate it as an A. You mention Bunkley, Justice, and Avant who have definitely been helpful (although it’s taken Justice a while). They also picked up Max Jean-Gilles in this draft who has done well for them as a backup.

    However, they also took Chris Gocong who was basically a long term experiment. Also, Gaither is a guy who has seen a lot of time but has never been a high performer.

    They also drafted Jeremy Bloom in 2006 which can be described in one word: dumb.

    Nice write up though.

  • jdove

    I think the fact that a high number of the selections saw meaningful time on the field is huge… Look at the rest of the division most of the other teams failed to get more than 1 guy meaningful snaps. So while they might not be Pro Bowl players the fact that so many made impacts is why i gave them the grade I did… however, its great to see the feedback so keep it coming!!

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  • 2010mlb

    I want to konw 2010 NFL Draft: NFC East

  • jdove

    already done, heres the link…

    in the future just check out our team section.

  • JP

    RE the Giants:”They are in scoring position but need just a little more to get the run across.”

    They won the Super Bowl in 2007 so I would say that it helped out just fine.

  • jdove

    Thanks for the feedback, Moss only had 21 catches w/ 0 touchdowns, Kiwanuka missed the last 6 games and didnt have a sack after week 4. Cofield was the only consistent player that season… also you have to look at the whole body of work..

  • Tom Jackson

    Nice review! I posted a link at so our followers can discover ytour excellent site! Thanks for what you do…NFC East in the house!

  • jdove

    Thanks for the read, link, and feedback!!!