#1 BUST-O-METER: Jason Pierre-Paul

2010 NFL Combine - Day Three


The NFL Draft is suppose to be a time where teams fill their rosters with young promising players that will ensure success in the future, unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Year in and Year out players are selected and fail to live up to their potential and are labeled BUSTS. These Busts could potentially have a crippling affect on a franchises future. Some of the more famous draft Busts are Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Lawrence Phillips, and Ki-Jana Carter. How a bust is determined is too undefined to get into details about.

A prime example is the 6 straight losing seasons following the Bengals failure to develop Akili Smith into a capable NFL starter. Compare that to the 6 straight winning seasons produced by the Chargers after drafting Phillip Rivers in 2004. Of course these players are not solely responsible for their team’s success or failures but they did have a major impact.

After looking over the players projected to go in the first round I was amazed how many gave me an uneasy feeling. This week we are going to count down the top 10 players with the most bust potential. I encourage that all the readers get involved and suggest potential busts of the week. Leave comments to help me feel better about a player or continue to add on the pile.


Jason Pierre-Paul- DE- USF


10 out of 10


Coming in at #1 on our BUST-O-METER countdown is Jason Pierre Paul.  Pierre- Paul has a lot of physical talent and proved that with his impressive work at the combine but this prospect doesn’t come without concerns.  Pierre-Paul only has 1 year of major college football experience and that is a cause for concern.  It’s been an epidemic in the NFL that organizations ignore production and focus on the athletic abilities.  This strategy has hurt franchises more often than not.  I think Pierre- Paul’s bust potential is higher due to where he is projected to be selected.  There is a lot of people projecting him in the top ten and that’s a dangerous position to select an unproven prospect.  I don’t want to ignore the fact that Paul- Pierre has a lot of talent and could turn into a sack master but I feel he has a high potential to BUST.

Lets see some comments… Is Pierre- Paul the most likely to BUST?

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  • nana

    one thing pierre-paul has is determination along with the athletic ability of a beast. i know him personally and trust me his motivation will be to show those who doubt his ability just how good of a player he is.he’s humble, he learns fast and he has maadddd determination to persevere.

    • Augustus Castanis

      Certainly turned out to be the truth! JPP rules!!!

  • http://nflmocks.com/ jdove

    nana, thanks for the input thats good to hear. I will have to say that from everything I have heard is that he is a high character guy and that could very well be the determining factor in his development. And if you speak to him let him know nflmocks wishes him the best of luck!!

  • http://SligoOConskype OC

    After watching Pierre-Paul on tape, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP0rhntrT7I, I must say that if he is the first DE drafted, it would be a travesty to whatever team. He may grow into a beast of a pass rusher, but on every single running play, save for one where he wasn’t blocked at all, he gets washed out by lineman, tight ends, and full backs. It’s easy to see that he runs straightforward towards the QB in hopes of a sack, and play-action gets him into trouble as well as screens. He will be the #1 bust if he gets drafted before the likes of Derrick Morgan, Brandon Graham, or even Jerry Hughes.

  • JimmyDiDago

    Attitude, motor and will aside, can you really envision him a 3-4 down player. Maybe a 1-2 down player that might have some success disrupting obvious pass plays. An even bigger reach than Tyson Alualu in my book. A nice kid and a fierce competitor doesn’t always turn into multiple Pro Bowls which is what you’re shooting forwith your first pick.
    I won’t put him as high on my own personal Bust-O- Meter as Taylor Mays. Nor would I consider him as much a travesty of the Bronco’s first round. But, he definitely could be in the running for one of the top 3-4 spots.
    Sure hope not because he is an impressive individual and it would be a shame to have that to someone like him.

    • Augustus Castanis

      What do you think of your opinions of JPP now? I remember Mel Kiper Jr going off on what a bad pick this was and that he was a bust and now he is one of the best defensive players in the game.

  • http://[email protected] Gerry

    It is way too early to label JP-P a Bust. Look at what has gone on with Osi? He came out like gangbusters, and we were made to believe that adding him to the defensive line was going to make this Unit the best it’s been in a long time. Fast-Forward 2 years: what do we have now? A gifted athlete who is coming back from major knee surgery. We still do not know if he can take up where he left off before he went down.

    Give JP-P a year or so to get acclimated to the defensive scheme that Big Blue utilizes. We may be singing praises down the road, while he and Mathias could be teaming up to cause havoc. – GerryTGF