#4 BUST-O-METER: Jimmy Clausen

Notre Dame v Stanford


The NFL Draft is suppose to be a time where teams fill their rosters with young promising players that will ensure success in the future, unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Year in and Year out players are selected and fail to live up to their potential and are labeled BUSTS. These Busts could potentially have a crippling affect on a franchises future. Some of the more famous draft Busts are Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Lawrence Phillips, and Ki-Jana Carter. How a bust is determined is too undefined to get into details about.

A prime example is the 6 straight losing seasons following the Bengals failure to develop Akili Smith into a capable NFL starter. Compare that to the 6 straight winning seasons produced by the Chargers after drafting Phillip Rivers in 2004. Of course these players are not solely responsible for their team’s success or failures but they did have a major impact.

After looking over the players projected to go in the first round I was amazed how many gave me an uneasy feeling. This week we are going to count down the top 10 players with the most bust potential. I encourage that all the readers get involved and suggest potential busts of the week. Leave comments to help me feel better about a player or continue to add on the pile.


Jimmy Clausen- QB- Notre Dame


6 out of 10


I am sure this will be a highly debated Bust-O-Meter.  When you look at Jimmy Clausen you have a lot of different things.  He is a household name due to being a highly sought after recruit and playing for a national draw in Notre Dame.  Clausen has a lot of things leaning in his favor; he has a ton of game experience (starting since a freshman), played in a pro style offense, and has the physical abilities to play the position.  I would say that the top factor going for Clausen is the fact that he played for Charlie Weis in a pro style offense.  Much has been made about the fact that he learned how to read defenses and that he is comfortable taking a snap from behind center.

But with all those positives Clausen has some doubters.   He has good but not great arm strength and accuracy.  There are some that doubt Clausen’s leadership ability stating that he is cocky, a result from being in the spotlight dating back to his high school days.

I believe that the quarterback position has the toughest route to success.  There is such a high value on the quarterback position that quarterback needy teams often reach for players hoping to strike it rich.  Does Clausen have potential? Yes he does. But is he a “franchise quarterback”, worthy of a top 10 pick?  That’s the question and the gamble for all teams considering drafting Clausen.  If you select a quarterback in the top 10 he had better be the face of your franchise and lead your team to playoff appearances or…….. BUST!  This is why Clausen’s bust potential is so high.

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