My Wife Hates the NFL Draft......HELP!!!

2008 NFL Draft

My Wife Hates the NFL Draft….. HELP!!!!

I’m sure I’m not the only person that has this issue, but my wife doesn’t find the NFL Draft interesting –at all!  To me, this is an unbelievable concept, because the draft is just so interesting and exciting. I think and dream all year about the upcoming draft and how it will affect my team. So, I started to think how I can make the Draft more interesting for my wife. How can I “trick” her into watching my beloved event? Below are my thoughts (schemes) on how to accomplish this. Note:  Not all women hate the draft.  I salute those that enjoy it and encourage some ideas on how to get others on board

  1. Offer a bribe of giving my lady friend a foot massage.

–          This is an easy way to get the draft on TV and also enjoy the company of your lady friend.  The massage will relax her and she won’t care what’s on TV.

     2.   Assuming all women like fashion I mention that the potential draftee’s all have very nice and stylish suits.

–          Ok, this might not be a realistic assumption but it’s worth a shot.

       3.   I just happen to purchase my wife’s favorite alcoholic drink and suggest sit back relax and have a few drinks. And oh wait the Draft happens to be on TV!

–          Ah what a dirty trick but maybe sober wife will hate the draft but intoxicated wife will actually enjoy the draft.

    4.   Purchase your significant other a nice pink girlie jersey of her favorite player and team. Oh isn’t Tom Brady sooo dreamy!

–          Do something to get her excited about the draft.  Surprise her with the jersey a day or two before the draft and she might actually look forward to it.

    5.    Plan a nice vacation to New York City and on Wednesday night take your lady friend to a Broadway play and then Thursday you can take her to the NFL Draft and watch it Live!!!

–          This option might be a little expensive but if you got the extra funds it might be worth a try. Not to mention you also get a trip to NYC.

   6.   Provoke a squabble. Warning- NFLMocks cannot be held liable if this tactic leads to a divorce.

–          Do something you know that your wife will really hate.  Maybe go out for a night with guys and not call and not come home.  She would be so angry that she wouldn’t talk to you for a few days and then you could watch the draft in piece!!

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