Adam's 2009 Live NFL Draft Diary: Day Two

7:37 PM: Mr. Irrelevant is…as “Final Countdown” blares…can’t pronounce the name…has to call…Ryan Succop, kicker! Twitpic! And with that I am finally out. It’s been fun, see you next year…

7:29 PM: So, Jon Gruden and Tim Tebow in 2010, Mayock? And Mr. Irrlevant is…drumroll…

7:27 PM: Rutgers player just went. I know because the crowd broke out into Tourette’s again. That was a throwaway pick to simply appease the fans.

7:19 PM: Chiefs traded for TE Jake O’Connell from Miami (OH). Isn’t that the dude who was the fatty in Stand By Me and “Koosh” in that Tom Cruise sports agent sapfest? And is Marko Mitchell related to Michael Mitchell? Marko sounds even more like a hairstylist. That’s good, because there is no excuse for the Redskins to not look good considering all the money Daniel Snyder has.

7:12 PM: Love this quote from Chris of Just Blog Baby

Tom Cable wanted an Escalade. Al Davis bought him a CTS.”

And we have our first fan ejection! Love it! Not officially a draft until that happens.

7:10 PM: Maybe local product Chase Daniel could be Mr. Irrelevant? I highly doubt it, but you never know.

7:06 PM: Thought Ricky Jean-Francois could be Mr. Irrelevant as much as the Chiefs love LSU D-lineman, but the Niners just grabbed him.

7:05 PM: Why are we talking Tim Tebow? I’m on a six-month hiatus from the NCAA’s Mother Teresa — knock it off!

7:00 PM: The Landry Hat calls Stephen McGee “a major work in progress.” I actually think he is the fourth best QB in this draft, which explains why he was the fourth QB taken if you don’t count Pat “Wildcat” White. Speaking of the Cowboys, if they want me to watch them on Hard Knocks again then they need to acquire Michael Vick and turn him into a slash-type player. Jerry Jones and Michael Vick. Now that’s reality TV. Hour number 11…

6:50 PM: Mayock and Co. are talking J’Nathan Bullock. He’s a basketball player who’s played about as much football as Seth Bullock of Deadwood fame. Could be the next Antonio Gates or the next Jai Lewis? You make the call.

6:26 PM: Interesting. The NFLN just talked Chiefs and projected Glenn Dorsey as the 3-4 five-technique LDE. If he can play there and Tank Tyler can play the nose, then the Chiefs might be set. By the way, Tyson “T.Y.” Jackson doesn’t have to be Richard Seymour — we just need him to be Russell Maryland or Ty Warren. Oh, and I agree with whoever said Shawn Merriman’s knee might turn the “lights out” on his career. Regardless, AFC West could be won with 8-9 wins again.

6:19 PM: Who Dat Dish is talking Saints over on the blog. Anybody else think Chase Daniel could sign with them as an undrafted free agent? A mini-Drew Brees who would be a good understudy. A.Q. Shipley — the author? He’s a center? Really? According to Mike Mayock, “he chewed off Rey Maualuga’s kneecaps.” Sounds like a beefier, modern-day Hemingway.

6:10 PM: Congrats, City of Brotherly Love! The NFLN folks just handed your Eagles the Lombardi trophy. No reason to waste your hard-earned money on tickets in that brutal Pennsylvania economy. Personally, I think Jeremy Maclin will be a bust. He isn’t the possession receiver the Iggles needed. He’s a lot like DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown. Should have picked Brandon Pettigrew.

6:00 PM: Hour nine! Just got word from the Central Maine Sports Blog that they stumped the NFLN truck. That’s impressive.

5:55 PM: Captain Munnerlyn goes to the Carolina Panthers with the 216 pick. Is he a corner, or the villain in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 4? Shouldn’t he play for a different NFC South team — the Bucs?

5:49 PM: Ryan Clady’s Wonderlic score barely topped his rookie sack allowed total of 0.5 . Beautiful player, not-so-beautiful mind.

5:42 PM: Chris “Red Flags” Ogbonnaya goes to the Bengals early in round seven. WTF? Do they prefer bad boys? No milk drinkers allowed, I guess. Javarris Williams to the Chiefs. Short, compact fire hydrant of a runner. Hands are worthless, no real shiftiness, but he loves contact and is a willing blocker. Looks like L.J. is toast with Williams now joining Jamaal Charles and Kolby Smith. See ya, Grandmama.

5:31 PM: I got wrapped up in the NFLN’s “Stump the Truck.” Wow. They are good in that production truck. Damn good. Chiefs coming up again…last pick before they have their Mr. Irrelevant selection.

5:25 PM: By the way, Mark Sanchez seemed so comfortable in the Big Apple today. He’s just a natural. I am damn near positive he will become the best quarterback in this draft. Moxie. Toughness. Charisma. Loads of “it.” I think the Jets made the move of the draft. The Browns will regret not picking Michael Crabtree there. Five years from now, Dawg Pounders will gasp when they hear Crabtree’s name. He’ll haunt Cleveland like “The Shot” over Craig Ehlo.

5:20 PM: When random explosions of blurting happen, that apparently means a Rutgers player got picked. Oh well…definitely check out YardBarker’s special draft page. Good stuff.

5:10 PM: Now they are jammin’ out to “Toto” as we get more Casserly. I could do this all day, but when the D.J. goes to Africa as pick 200 goes down the NFL is getting desperate to keep us fans awake. By the way, stay awake with all of the buzz of, our news and rumors affiliate.

5:05 PM: A long snapper just got picked — by Bill Belichick of all people. The consensus No. 1 long snapper, baby! And “Your Love” by The Outfield blares out of the Radio City Music Hall’s speakers. It’s fun time, folks. Fun day Sunday!

5:00 PM: Hour eight of my blogging day, hour 15 (I believe) of my live-blogging weekend. Still. Going. Strong. Got my second wind, especially with my buddy Charley Casserly coming back on the air! Casserly has a man-crush on both Brian Cushing and Connor Barwin. Everything is bigger in Texas? No. Just on Casserly when he is talking Texans’ draft. So…will anybody get crazy and try and trade a seventh for Michael “Future of the Wildcat” Vick?

4:55 PM: Lombardi Ave. breaks down No. 9 overall pick B.J. Raji…

“People can say what they want about “character issues” and such, but the Packers have found the cornerstone, or more like a “centerstone,” of Dom Capers‘ new 3-4 defense. Raji will eat space and blockers, freeing up defensive ends and linebackers to make plays. He fits the scheme and has been described as an unselfish player, something you have to be to play line in the 3-4.”

4:50 PM: The gang on NFLN were all just saying that if you are a team that needs a WR and you have cap space, then you would be nuts not to go after Anquan Boldin. I agree. Make the call, Chiefs. They also suggest that Braylon Edwards will still likely be moved, even though he has less value than Boldin.

4:41 PM: Singletary kicking it on the Niners Cam. Talking Nate Davis. In my opinion, he’ll be the starter at QB for the 49ers at some point next season. Ball St. alums David Letterman and Jason Whitlock will be ecstatic.

4:38 PM: Can the Ravens even use RB Cedric Peerman? They already have three solid backs. Doesn’t make sense.

4:35 PM:  Talking to the old man again. I was telling him I think that the D-line has become more important than the O-line in today’s NFL. Why? Because it’s become a passing league with rules that make coverage in the secondary difficult. You gotta either put pressure on the QB with your D-line or occupy as many hogs as you can so the backers can bring the heat (in a 3-4). Look at the Giants and the Pats — great D-lines. Look at the Steelers and Casey Hampton. Look at the Jags when they lost Marcus Stroud.

4:12 PM: Just told screenwriter Diablo Cody (Juno) on Twitter…

@diablocody Then try the Trader Joe’s peanut butter-filled pretzels. Bite-sized religious experience.

Safe to say my interest is waning. But my draft journey has come too far to quit now. Feel like Frodo — I can see the Eye with my waking eyes. Or maybe those are just blurs O’ color caused by sleep deprivation? Can’t believe the biggest vet trade thus far has involved Ellis Hobbs. Where’s Calvin?

4:01 PM: Seven hours and counting. Quinten Lawrence from McNeese St. (another Swamp Thing) goes to my Chiefs after the Broncos pick some quarterback I have never  heard of, who they traded to get. They have mortgaged a lot of next year’s draft. Lawrence broke his ankle last year, so he might be a bargain here. Blazing speed. Very similar to Donnie Avery, the first receiver picked last year. Hopefully, he can stretch the field for us. Check out his highlights — impressive!

3:55 PM: Just had the following exchange on the Arrowhead Addict chat:

“daniel23 (guest): Adam how did you take crabs to san fran

ArrowheadAdam: I took it like Crabs to my midsection.”

Yeah, I liked Michael Crabtree a little bit.

3:46 PM: OK, when you lose the TV remote you might need some sleep. In my defense, I have waaaaaaaaaaaayyy too many remotes. Need a universal one. Mike Tomlin was on the Steelers Cam, looking like Omar Epps’ twin bro. Hard not to like Mr. T, especially when he calls pick Frank Summers “Frank the Tank” and says “later, man” to end his interview. Cool personified as we down a fifth of draft vodka and head into the sixth round…Chiefs in two picks…after those damn Donkeys…and I just heard the phrase “Patriot Way” for the 337th time this draft weekend.

3:35 PM: Bring Charley Casserly back! MVP of the NFLN’s draft coverage this year. ‘Zona just picked up, probably with a forklift, Herman Johnson from LSU. The big O-lineman is literally 6-foot-10, 400 pounds. Ok, he’s pretty close, though. Realistically, like 6-foot-8, 380 pounds. Could be a great pick to open holes for Beanie Wells down in the desert.

3:27 PM: I am snorting lines of Hydroxycut to stay awake. Doesn’t work — no ephedra. Just joking, but I’m so tired I wish I wasn’t. Jamon Meredith and Duke Robinson (related to Smokey…god, I love “Tears of a Clown”) just went to Green Bay and Carolina back to back. Two tremendous picks. If Duke can keep his weight from ballooning to Gilbert Brown/Grady Jackson territory, he could be a Pro Bowl guard. The Chiefs done messed up by not selecting him. Meredith is no slouch either. Could be a day-one starter at RT for the Pack.

3:17 PM: Go Fenuki Tupou yourself, Philly. Sorry, I just hate giant Islanders who play for Phil Knight U. Prejudiced? Naw, I just have Junior Siavii Syndrome. Hate that clown. He and Ryan Sims ruined the Vermeil era in Kansas City. Could have been something special.

3:06 PM: I’m singing the effin’ Bee Gees for some reason. Sorry, “Macho” Harris. I know you were named after a song by the equally fruity Village People — YMCA. Great pick by the Iggles. They are on a roll today.

2:57 PM: Jasper Brinkley (MIN)  — best name in the draft? No, not the vamp from Twilight, ladies. No relation to Christie Brinkley either. Cornelius Ingram also went (PHI). That’s a crazy name, too. Didn’t he cry on Meatloaf’s tits in Fight Club?

2:54 PM: Trying to sell the girl I am “talking to” on watching Hoop Dreams. Yes, the draft is slowing down to a crawl.

2:46 PM: Marvin Lewis on NFLN cam trying to rationalize the character concerns thug life of a few of his draft picks. I just tuned him out.

2:40 PM: DeAngelo Smith (143) that’s a brother name. The next pick, Jarrett Dillard (144), is the whitest name I have ever heard, yet he’s not white. Also, what is up with this Life After People show on the History Channel they just ran a promo for? Who wants to watch a show about the planet after people are long deceased where the stars are vegetation? People who want to euthanize themselves but need a push?

2:22 PM: Did I just hear a “short bus” joke about “special” teams players on the NFLN? Someone just pulled an Obama. Simple Jack and the Special Olympics folks are seething.

2:17 PM: Colin Brown, OT, Mizzou goes to Chiefs at 139. He is the report from my old man, a Mizzou alum and Columbia native:

“Big, white farm kid. 6-foot-8 former basketball player. Mountain of a man. Plays all over the line. Projects as a right tackle at the NFL level. Good kid.”

And Johnny Knox just went off the board. Steve-O shouldn’t last too much longer either. Wee Man, however, might go undrafted.

1:56 PM: Love Andre Brown to the G-Men. Looks like Earth, Wind and Fire might reemerge with a new member. Hell, I expected the N.C. State running back to go back around when Shonn Greene did. So delirious now I am mumbling about second breakfast and Gimli son of Gloin. Weird.

1:38 PM: Great write-up from Mike over at on his day at the draft yesterday. Check it out…Gotta take a bathroom break and inject more caffeine into my veins. Running on three hours sleep. Round five right around the corner.

1:29 PM: The Raiders just took Louis Murphy, a wideout with coveted 4.3 speed. A shocking pick coming from Al “Need for Speed” Davis. Not really, but what’s shocking is that I actually like the pick. Which means that as a Chiefs fan I actually hate the pick. Speaking of hate, I guess I have to hate Knowshon Moreno now, too, since he’s the newest Bronco. Damn Donkeys.

1:25 PM: Shawn Nelson and Anthony Hill — to the Bills and Texans, respectively —  just went off the board, possibly starting a run on tight ends.

1:15 PM: D.J. Moore went to Chicago with the 119th overall selection. That’s way later than most experts had him going. Peter King tweeted at the start of the day that he was the best player on an NFC team’s board. Maybe that team was the Bears and they gambled on him dropping? He’s 5-foot-8, and that’s probably why he fell to where he did.

1:10 PM: Ramblin’ Fan breaks down Dorrell Scott, the big DT from Clemson.

1:08 PM: Black & Teal and Cat Crave with all your Jags and Panthers, respectively, updates. Notre Dame also finally popped its draft cherry. Sammie Lee Hill and Chip Vaughn are picks 115 and 116. Sounds like a blues singer and a rotund MLB designated hitter. Love that the NFLN crew is talking about how the Matt Cassel deal blew up the Cutler-McDaniels relationship. As a Chiefs fan who hates the Broncos more than any team West of the Iraq Husseins, I think that’s just special.

12:55 PM: The old man and I just had another long talk about the Chiefs, the draft and ESPN hiring Herm Edwards to replace Emmitt Smith. The Boys from Bristol hiring Harm to replace Emmitt Smiff is the equivalent of Lollapalooza hiring Winger to replace Tesla as one of its headliner acts. Disgraceful. Everytime I heard Emmitt speak last year, I always hoped that an NFL/United Way commercial about reading would follow. That way viewers would realize that most NFL players are actually literate. The old man is bored to death with this draft. I can’t argue. One thing we decided is that Scott Pioli, and not Todd Haley, is the head Chief in K.C.

12:38 PM: My old man ditches me on the phone the second his wife calls for the first time today during the draft. When he called back, I told him I can only hope Tyson Jackson gets to quarterbacks as fast as you answer the phone when the wife calls. Apparently, Mel Kiper says Donald Washington might have been a first-rounder had he stayed in school.

12:30 PM: The lack of player movement via trade in this draft is disturbing. Not one blockbuster. I think this weak draft class paired with the down economy has teams satisfied standing pat. By the way, Stephen McGee to Dallas was the first quarterback taken since round one, and he was the first pick in round four. Well, that’s if you classify Pat White as a Wildcat, which I do. White went to MIA in the second.

12:26 PM: Tom Coughlin on Giants cam. Kind of talks like a younger, meaner Hubie Brown. While he blabs about an H-back we have never heard of and his imaginary greenzone, check out Raising Zona’s slant on the 95th pick:

“The Arizona Cardinals selected safety Rashad Johnson from Alabama in this morning’s third round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

So what do we know about Johnson.  He is a former walk-on.  He has 11 interceptions over the past two seasons.  He has a quick reaction to the ball, however his size would be one concern at 5′11″.  He also needs to bulk up just a little.  He was a unanimous choice for the first-team All-SEC in 2008.  That is saying something considering the conference. ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. says he plays like a first rounder.”

12:20 PM: I am booing my Chiefs as Marshall Faulk taps out for the day. The last thing the Chiefs need is a cornerback like Donald Washington after bringing in three very good rook covermen a year ago. The Chiefs once again passed on some talented, high-profile players. Hard to be excited about the Red and Gold’s draft, even with Pioli calling the shots. Anyway, check out what BLD has to say about the Bills. He rates their draft as a “B-” after day one.

12:12 PM: Juaquin Iglesias, WR, OU is a smart pick for the Bears. Could vibe with Jay Cutler from the start much like rook Eddie Royal did last year. Da Bears are hoping he works out better than the last OU wideout they took early in the draft — Mark Bradley. The third round is over.

12:08 PM: Keenan Lewis to the Steelers. Isn’t he on SNL? Pretty big corner. 6-foot-1, 210 pounds. TE Chase Coffman goes to the Bengals. Man, they are stockpiling some talent. That kid can play. I’ve seen him literally hurdle players on several occasions, like he was a stunt man on Stone’s Any Given Sunday or something. Chiefs fans over on the A.A. chat seem heartbroken. Third round winding down…

12:00 PM: Noon hits on the East Coast, as has the first compensatory pick, which, remember, cannot be traded.

11:56 AM: Nothing really stands out when I look at picks 90-95. It seems like Mike Mayock is the only one talking at this point. Nobody else knows who the hell these kids even are for the most part. I’m crossing my fingers that the Chiefs go Duke Robinson or Louis Murphy, two guys I targeted a round ago for them, here early in round four.

11:51 AM: I’m just glad I’m not listening to Herm Edwards blab right now. Sorry, but I’ll take Chucky any day of the week. Even if he is a little strung out and brain dead from yesterday. NFLN draft coverage > ESPN draft coverage.

11:43 AM: The Titans just traded up and stole Gamecocks TE Jared Cook 89th overall as the NFLN crew dogs the Crypt Keeper and the Raidahs. Nice pick, especially after Alge Crumpler played like David Cook last year.

11:37 AM: Elaborating on the Hali-Magee Chiefs situation, Magee will be a five technique for the Chiefs, a 3-4 DE. Hali is too slow to play OLB. He needs to play the five tech. Looks like he’s got a lot of competition now there. Could Hali, a former first-rounder, be on the move? Especially with D-line talent all but gone? Oh, and Magee can also play goalline fullback. That might explain why Scott Pioli picked him — versatility.

11:30 AM: After a run on wide receivers (Tate, Mike Wallace, Ramses Barden), Asher Allen goes to the Vikes. The Viking Age will definitely have a “7 Days of Draftmas” post on him in about (update: here), oh, probably before I finish typing this. Also, check out Stripe Hype’s reaction to the Johnson pick.

11:20 AM: Brandon Tate to the Patriots at 83 is a crazy pick. The UNC WR blew out his ACL and then tested positive for weed. But…probably the best return man in this draft. A healthy, drug-free Tate would have gone in Maclin territory. Won’t play in ’09, but he could end up being a special player for a team that can afford to wait on him. I’m sure Musket Fire will have something up on Tate very soon. Meanwhile, here’s what NE Patriots Draft had to say on Twitter:

“Tate is a great risk/reward guy — spent a 3rd rounder on a guy that was a 1st rounder without his injury/legal troubles.”

11:13 AM: DT Roy Miller out of Texas here in Austin. Watched him play quite a bit. Big boy. Probably one of the top 100 players in this class. I think he’s a major upgrade over Ryan Sims, that’s for sure. Nice pick for Tampa Bay 81st overall.

11:10 AM: Black and Teal has some spin on the Jags’ two-tackle day yesterday:

“He drafted two offensive tackles. Sure, he was going with the best play available philosophy. But Gene Smith likes the big uglies.

I know that to some it seems ludicrous that we didn’t draft Michael Crabtree. He was right there. We wouldn’t of moved to grab him. He was slipping quickly into our grasps. Lord knows we need a wide receiver like a college graduate needs a job.

I ask you do to this. Think back on last season. Then think back on the season before that. With a healthy offensive line, David Garrard threw three interceptions. He completed passes easily, even to people like Dennis Northcutt, Reggie Williams and Matt Jones. Sure, no one was what one would call a ‘play maker’ but the Jaguars were winning games. They were even winning playoff games!”

11:01 AM: The Cowboys drafted an OT named Robert Brewster 76th overall. Going to “kick over” to guard as Mike Mayock puts it. Guess Jerry Jones’ millions are about to become Brewster’s Millions. Can’t believe he’s better than Duke Robinson out of OU. Then Antoine Caldwell, the best center left, just went to the Texans. The Texans are quietly having a pretty solid little draft. And some of my fellow Chiefs fans over on Arrowhead Addict seem to think Tamba Hali can play OLB. That’s a pipe dream if I’ve ever heard one. Guy runs like Jamie Dukes.

10:50 AM: Glen Coffee to the Niners. Is that the guy from The Green Mile? Oh, the running back from ‘Bama. Someone needs to tell the Niners that all the offensive building blocks in the world will add up to nothing without a decent quarterback in the fold.

10:45 AM: Rex Ryan on the  Jets Cam talking about “ground and pound.” Must be an MMA fan. Ryan won’t commit to Mark Sanchez as a day-one starter, but left the door open. The Jets are going to be a major storyline heading into the season once again. Inside the Iggles has a great live draft diary rolling, by the way. Definitely check that out.

10:40 AM: The Raiders just picked another guy who was projected as a late-round selection at best. His name? Doesn’t matter — you’ll likely never need to know it. Seems like Al Davis and his crew are trying to draft Mr. Irrelevant with every pick.

10:35 AM: Jason Williams to the ‘Boys with their first pick in this draft. No, not White Chocolate. No, not the guy who shot the limo driver or whatever. Some guy who blew away his Pro Day. Speed demon. More potential than productivity. Total Jerry Jones pick. Meanwhile, the Bengals snag Michael Johnson. One-dimensional pass rusher. The Bengals are putting together some talent.

10:22 AM: Alex Magee? DE Purdue. Probably another five technique. Chucky likes the pick, but I can’t say that I’m thrilled. What does this say about Tamba Hali? Probably that the Pioli Trinity has zero faith in him. Interesting pick from the Chiefs to say the least. Maybe Magee and Tyson Jackson can help young defensive tackles Glenn Dorsey and Tank Tyler improve their play?

10:17 AM: My Chiefs are on the clock. My choice would be either Antoine Caldwell, Duke Robinson or Louis Murphy here. Michael Johnson is another possibility if the Chiefs think he can play 3-4 OLB.

10:14 AM: Jets traded a third, fourth and seventh to get this pick.The Jets Blog Twitter is saying it’s Shonn Greene. Yep, that’s the pick. They must really like the big back out of Iowa. One-year wonder or big bruiser with low mileage? Like a poor man’s Larry Johnson when he came out of Penn State? Maybe.

10:05 AM: Let’s get day two rolling! My day one live blog can be read here. Lions kick off the action by trading their pick to the Jets. Of course, the Green and White faithful are fired up.

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