Adam's 2009 Live NFL Draft Diary

10:25 PM: Finally took an extended break, watched some of the Lakers game. You know, gave the ol’ fingers a rest. Sean Smith (MIA), Sen’Derrick Marks (TEN), Cody Brown (AZ) and Richard Quinn (DEN) rounded out round two. I think Smith is easily the best pick of that bunch, giving Miami a very strong day overall. Thanks for hanging with me today, or reading this afterward. It’s been a blast as always.

9:38 PM: William Beatty — no, he’s not married to Annette Bening — to the G-Men. One of my favorite players in this draft by far. Great pick there.

9:34 PM: Sherrod Martin to the Panthers out of “Troy St.,” according to ESPN. Isn’t it just Troy now? And that sounds like a basketball name. Just sayin’.

9:30 PM: Sebastian Vollmer. He’s German. I’m German. My best friend in high school had the same last name. The girl I’m dating has a cat named Sebastian. What the hell am I getting at? Who knows? Been blogging for almost six hours straight.

9:25 PM: Fili Moala to the Colts. There is that Coors Light commercial by Optimus Prime again. I half expected Starscream to come screaming out of the sky. Paul “Freddy” Kruger goes to the Ravens. Could be A Nightmare on Elm Street for whoever has to block him. And Chucky stole my joke. Horror guys have to stick together, I guess. And Eisen stole that joke. Sh**!

9:15 PM: William Moore, aka Willie Mo, to the ATL. He’s a good player and, according to my Mizzou homer dad, a good kid.

9:10 PM: This Fandemonium guy looks like the big dude from 50 First Dates on the Jared-from-Subway diet. Had to be Jets fans booing him. Maybe Steelers, too? Bears? Phil Loadholt from OU to the Vikes. Best porn name in this draft.

9:09 PM: Dan Zinski — who is a must-read team blogger for all NFL fans (and also can be found at Pacman Jonesin) — breaks down the Percy Harvin pick over on The Viking Age. David Veikune went to the Browns. He looks like a special teams ace, but not much more. Then LeSean McCoy to the Eagles. He’s slow and he can’t block. Not impressed.

9:00 PM: The Cowboys just passed their pick. Either that or they choked on the choice. Also could be a trade. Looks like it is a trade — with the Bills. And the Bills beat the Browns to the podium. Big surprise after how hesitant the Browns have been today. Andrew Levitre. And the word now is that there was no pass. Just a “Communication Breakdown,” with Rich Eisen going all Robert Plant on us now that he finally got some grub.

8:53 PM: Darcel McBath to Denver (what are they doing today?), Max Unger to the Land of Grunge (stellar pick) and then Mohamed Massaquoi — who replaces Nnamdi Asomugha and T.J. Houshmandzadeh as the hardest name to spell in the league — to the Brownies. Two receivers to the Mistake on the Lake? Me thinks Braylon Edwards will be traded sometime between tonight and tomorrow, i.e. Randy Moss.

8:46 PM: Connor Barwin to Houston is one of the better picks of the day, and will probably end up being one of the better picks overall. Then Michael Mitchell to Al Davis’ rotten armpit of a franchise. Sounds like a hairstylist.

8:31 PM: Clint Sintim after that pick is like watching Josh Hartnett act after seeing Daniel Day-Lewis at his finest. Or like Led Zeppelin opening for Nickelback. Talk about a letdown.

8:26 PM: WHAT A PICK! Pat White running the Wildcat for the team that brought the Wildcat to the NFL. Talk about a good fit. Fits like a bad toupee on John Travolta or Nic Cage.

8:24 PM: Everette Brown from what Mayock calls “Harvard of the South.” Getting Brown 43rd is a steal. I remember when we thought the Chiefs were looking at him third overall. Good pick, Panthers. Does this mean Julius Peppers is toast?

8:18 PM: Jarius Byrd, another Oregon Phil Knight U D-back. Buffalo. So much for the Chiefs and Bills consummating a Brian Waters trade. If I stop doing this blog it’s because I hung myself with a rope made of Chiefs jerseys. I’m playing, but it hasn’t exactly been what I was hoping for so far.

8:10 PM: Also check out Arrowhead Pride for your Chiefs news. Doing a great job today over there. Ron Brace? I was thinking Connor Barwin, but, OK. Then Darius Butler. Trains with Deion, tackles like Deion. Hard to go against the Hoody, but these picks are definitely unexpected.

8:06 PM: I love Eben Britton to the Jags. Maybe the steal of the draft so far. The Pats have traded up a spot. Let’s see what they do.

8:00 PM: Rey Maualuga to the Bengals. That’s one pick they didn’t bungle. Hey, if Andre Smith doesn’t end up going all Lawrence Phillips, then this could be an unbelievable draft class for Cincy. Here’s what Dave from Stripe Hype had to say about the pick:

“The Cincinnati Bengals snagged a falling star with the 38th pick, grabbing USC linebacker Rey Maualuga.

Love the pick. MLB Dhani Jones is a tremendous leader who can mentor Maualuga, and the move reunites Rey with his college teammate Keith Rivers.”

7:56 PM: To follow the Denver Broncos’ draft — FAIL! — head on over to Predominantly Orange.

7:52 PM: Denver surrendered a future first for…Alphonso Smith? As a Chiefs fan, yeah, that makes me happy. They are clueless.

7:44 PM: Cleveland just fixed their draft after slipping up on Mack. Brian Robiskie will be a very good pro. Probably from day one. Polished.

7:42 PM: James Laurinaitis, who would have been a top-ten pick last year, is a Ram. Not a bad pick for Spag’s new D. Not at all.

7:35 PM: Ziggy Hood goes to the Steelers, followed by safety Louis Delmas out of Western Michigan. Then New England with the pick they got in exchange for Matt Cassel pick — Patrick Chung. That surprises me. Connie Chung would have probably been a more popular pick. At least she’s a household name.

7:28 PM: Beanie Wells is a great, great, great pick for the Cards. Can’t believe he went almost 20 picks after Knowshon Moreno. Shocker of the draft so far.

7:19 PM: Sorry, Brian Billick. Pretty sure Terry Robiskie doesn’t have the speed to separate any longer. Brian? Maybe. He can certainly play. He’ll be better than Kenny “James Hary II” Britt. Did Optimus Prime just voiceover a Coors Light Beer commercial?

7:15 PM: Follow my Twitter here. Think the Chiefs could trade up for Connor Barwin or Eben Britton here in round two. Watch.

7:10 PM: Hakeem Nicks. Could end up being the Offensive Rookie of the Year with Crabtree stuck in San Fran. Seriously. Nice call, G-Men.

7:08 PM: Eric Wood? Ed Wood could have made that pick, folks. Yikes. Is Scott Pioli taking a nap? I expected at least one trade by now.

7:02 PM: The Colts always buck convention when they pick RBs. This is nothing new. Donald Brown is, eh, meh. Then Bills follow up with

6:57 PM: The Pack just got fleeced. Wow. Who in their right mind would give up that much for Clay Matthews? Belichick just made out like a bandit. A second and two thirds. Again, wow.

6:54 PM: Patriots trade down. Again. Belichick and Mangini have been trading down like crazy, when will Scott Pioli get in on the trade mania?

6:50 PM: Vontae Davis to the Phins. Brian from Phin Phanatic chimes in…

Davis isn’t a bad pick but it’s not the best available player in the draft at that spot. “

6:42 PM: Perria Jerry. ATL no longer interested in Glenn Dorsey, I take it. Meanwhile, just had this tearjerker tweeted to me by @BlkSportsOnline (Black Sports Online). I love Brian Robiskie, by the way. Would love the Chiefs to move up and snag him to compliment Dwayne Bowe. He is a guaranteed non-bust prospect.

6:40 PM: As “Purple Rain” plays (maybe because the Ravens and Vikes just came strong?), here’s some thoughts from Dawg Pound Daily

“The Browns’ first pick of the day: C Alex Mack!  It’s definitely a surprise, but the O-line is in need of a major overhaul and has barely been touched during the offseason.  Didn’t think they would draft an offensive linemen so soon, though.”

6:37 PM: Michael Oher to the Ravens. Not a bad pick, I suppose. Ayers beat him like he stole something at the Senior Bowl, though.

6:30 PM: Percy Harvin is a great pick. Remember the last time the Vikes took a weed-smoking receiver? Worked out pretty well.

6:27 PM: Alex “Return of the” Mack to Cleveland instead of Crabtree or Orakpo? No wonder the Browns are a disgrace.

6:20 PM: Lions should have gone OT Eben Britton there, but Brandon Pettigrew will be a good player. Slow, though. Browns about to trade back yet again is my guess.

6:17 PM: Scott from Inside the Iggles says…


6:13 PM: Yep, I was right. Maclin. Too bad for the I-G-G-L-E-S he has bust written all over him. A junior Ted Ginn Jr.?

6:11 PM: I think the Eagles get Jeremy Maclin here. Could be wrong. The Browns really don’t want to pick. Yet another trade. This is hilarious. “Eye of the Tiger” rockin’.

6:10 PM: Robert Ayers to the Broncos. Mike Mayock needs to put down whatever he is smoking. No way the one-year wonder will be this draft’s best defender.

6:01 PM: Freeman at last, Freeman at last, thank “enter deity of choice here” it’s Freeman at least. As a K-State fan, I think this kid has a world of potential. Wasn’t handled right in Manhattan. Raheem Morris knows him well, so he obviously has a ton of confidence in the kid. I will say that he has grown up a ton. Can’t believe how well spoken he was in an interview the other day. Could work out. Hugging Harold Reynolds just tweeted…

Freeman is on the phone with stylist El Dabarge.”

5:57 PM: Trade is about to be announced. Charley Casserly has a mean accent. Smart dude, though. Cleveland is petrified — Savagelash. They want no part of round one.

5:53 PM: Ravens blogger Joe discusses Anquan Boldin to the Ravens. Larry English goes to the Bolts. What does this say about the health of “Steroid” Shawne Merriman?

5:50 PM: Eric from Niner Noise calls the selection of Crabtree “amazing.” Can’t argue there. One of the most unexplainable slides in draft history.

5:45 PM: Houston, we have a draft pick — Brian “That guy Tommy Lee Jones Almost Made Deaf in The Fugitive Hairdo” Cushing. Good athlete, but a little stiff if you ask me. Not real fluid in the hips.

5:43 PM: Mike Jenkins to the Saints. I think every expert alive has had that pick pegged for about half a year now. No surprise at all.

5:38 PM: Torture Rak said he’s going to get him a bed. To chillax. Brian Relaxpo. Do your thing, big man.

5:35 PM: Broncos pick…Knowshon Moreno. Do Josh McDaniels and Co. Knowshon what the hell they are doing? These sure ain’t Shanny’s Donks any longer. Holy reach, Batman. Torture Rak to the Redskins. Could be the next DeMarcus Ware. Or the Next Vernon Gholsten.

5:29 PM: Coffee reload/bathroom break. I need a caffeine I.V. drip and a bedpan.

5:28 PM: Aaron Maybin. Great athlete, but Penn State players scare the bejesus out of me. They’ve produced more busts than Hugh Hefner. My guess is that he busts for the Bills. Can’t play the run, and isn’t very big. Mike Mayock is dead on with his insight on this kid.

5:25 PM: Crabtree will look good in that Red and Gold. Wish it was my Red and Gold, though. This might put a chip on his shoulder. Bills up next…

5:22 PM: My heart is broken. I wanted Crabtree to be a Chief so desperately bad. Question is, is he the next Jerry Rice or T.O. for the Niners? Or J.J. Stokes, another No. 10 WR pick from the Niners? Only time will tell. My bet is that he will be a Pro Bowl-caliber player. If they can find someone to get him the ball, that is.

5:19 PM: My old man says that Al Davis is senile. Can’t disagree. B.J. Raji goes to the Pack. John from Cat Crave thinks the Raiders and Chiefs have made the worst selections thus far. I would think twice about questioning Scott Pioli’s judgment. Most Chiefs fans think it was a mistake as well.

5: 13 PM: Here’s what Black and Teal had to say about the selection:

Eugene Monroe, who proudly held up his Jaguar jersey for all at Radio City Music Hall to see.

This is a very good thing for Jacksonville because we were hurting on the offensive line. The Jaguars were fortunate for him to slide to number 8. Any of the three players listed above would have been a good pick up but Eugene Monroe will be a great addition to the team.”

5:10 PM: Neon Deion is talking about Monroe’s socks. Socks? Play on player. Those are fresh, but let’s get back to football.

5:07 PM: Chris from Just Blog Baby is not happy about Al Davi’s latest reach.

5:05 PM: What are the Jags going to do here? They are insane if they pass on Michael Crabtree. And they did just that. Mean “Eugene” Monroe from Virginia. Safe pick, but passing on Crabtree could come back to haunt them. Crabtree is getting the Adrian Peterson/Dwyane Wade treatment here.

4:55 PM: Any chance the speed-obsessed Al Davis selects Usain Bolt here? The pick is in…as a Chiefs fan, this is always a frightening moment…Darrius Heyward-Bey. We took him in our Mock yesterday. This is a reach. Time for the Chiefs to trade up and get Michael Crabtree. Or sometone to. The Crypt Keeper really tanked the seventh pick. Ouch.

4:50 PM: Andre “Character Concerns” Smith goes to Cincinnati. What a shocker? Regardless, I think he’s the most gifted O-lineman in this draft. Reminds me of Leonard Davis, so he might be better suited to be a guard.

4:47 PM: The Jets got a good deal there. Waiting for the Chiefs to make a trade. Its’ coming. Mike form just tweeted me from the Draft:

@mikehayes19: @adamcbest Jet fans were loving that pick until they heard the details of the trade. I just heard ‘rape!’ screamed alot!

4:45 PM: Bungles are getting ready to make their selection. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Andre Smith is my guess.

4:40 PM: Mark Sanchez to the Jets after a big trade? Smoothest Jets signal caller since Pre-KSK Joe Namath. I think that’s a great move for the J-E-T-S, providing they find him some receivers. Big Sanchez fan — he’s got “it.” He’s also got a Jets hat on. It’s a done deal.

4:36 PM: Shaun from 12th Man Rising thinks that Curry looks good in that Back to the Future neon green hat. Here’s what he said about the pick…

YES! We picked Curry. I couldn’t be happier … Ruskell definitely got the best player available. Welcome to Seattle, Aaron!”

4:34 PM: Browns on the clock. Rumor has it that the best player on my board, Michael Crabtree, was removed from theirs for being a diva. We’ll see if that’s true or not here in a few…

4:33 PM: I think the Seahawks just made a grave mistake. They will regret not picking Sanchez down the road. Curry might rack up a lot of tackles this year, but like Patrick Willis in San Francisco that will not translate into more wins for his ballclub. Seamless transition, but limited impact.

4:30 PM: Nobody wants to trade down in this economy. My old man is listening to the draft on the radio. Out with the wife today. Pathetic. The Old Chief thinks we have too many LSU Tigers. Maybe?

4:28 PM: DE Tyson Jackson to a chorus of boos. I can’t say that I feel like a million bucks right now. Not a sexy pick, but “in Pioli we trust,” right? Let’s hope he is the second coming of Richard Seymour, Chiefs fans. Overall, I’m just thankful the Chiefs didn’t pick a coverage linebacker at No. 3 overall. This is more of an impact position. Third first-rounder from LSU in a row for the Red and Gold. Interesting. Seahawks up…

4:23 PM: Here it is…my heart just sunk into the bottomless pit also known as my stomach…

4:18 PM: Jason Smith talking to Deion Sanders. Gotta love a little Prime Time, right.

4:12 PM: No. Jason Smith, the big tackle from Baylor. Spread tackle. I think he might be a tad overrated, but a pretty “safe” pick. Good athlete and enough of a mean streak is the book on him. As Rich Eisen put it, he’s been “moved to tears.” Can’t imagine how it feels to have your name called this early on draft day.

4:11 PM: Did the Rams pull a Vikings and intentionally pass?

4:10 PM: Rams’ time on the clock is winding down. I don’t think they will be able to trade. Everyone realizes they have no legitimate interest in “Dirty” Sanchez. One word: smokescreen.

4:07 PM: Is it just me, or does Matthew Stafford look like the lovechild of Phil Mickelson and Corky from Life Goes On? Anyway, he’s got a big arm, that’s for sure. He will be able to get the ball to Calvin Johnson. But I think he’s going to be erratic in his decision making, kind of like Jay Cutler. I definitely prefer Mark Sanchez.

4:04 PM: Roger Goodell started the clock…

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