NFL Fan Mock Draft: Detroit Lions on the clock

Fan Mock DraftThe NFL Fan Mock Draft is underway! Remember we want to hear from all the football fans out there, since this mock draft is just for you guys.

The Detroit Lions are first up. Vote on who the Lions should take and then go to the bottom of the page and explain why you picked who you did. In the case of a fill in candidate please post the pick below.

Thanks for participating!

Which NFC East team had the best 2006 Draft?

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  • Nick

    Oher is the safest pick. Detroit's made too many stupid draft choices in the past to risk screwing this one up too.


    The Lions are selling the QB at #1 pick. They are doing great with it! If you can get someone to decide that they need Stafford, you can get them to trade up.

  • dantheman4250

    Please remember that if you choose "Fill In Candidate" that you have to specify who that is.

  • Rob

    Jason Smith of Baylor is my choice. The guy is smart, dedicated and extremely talented.

    The two QB's are 3 year guy's with to many flaws. Lions cannot afford to make a mistake on the no.1 over all pick. Next year, the draft will be QB rich with more talent and experience with the 4 year guy's.
    Bring in a good QB next year with a terrific offensive line to work with.

  • John

    Aaron Curry in the middle would be a beast to anchor the defense for years. Look at what Chicago accomplished with Urlacher and the Ravens with Lewis. Get your OT at 20 and a DE/DT at 33. OG/TE/CB should be addressed with the next picks in the 3rd and 5th rounds. Has anyone heard about the compensatory pick that the Lions should be getting this year? I heard a rumor that it will be a 4th round pick.

  • Joel

    I agree with John's assessment. A good defense will not only allow fewer scores but improve the offense's playing time & field position which increases their scoring opportunity. Of course being that it is the Lions, it may only increase the number of sacks they allow so yeah there has to be some new blood on the O-line too.

  • ken kaiser

    ditto for john's blog. we need defense. we actually had enough offense if only we could defend when we had a lead or were still in the game. Curry is probably the best and safest pick in the whole draft–esp. for our needs. 2nd priority is a massive presence in the middle of the d-line. remember ray lewis' plea a few years back. after that the o-line. a good OG probably as helpful as an OT.

  • Calvin Hicks

    The lions need to start to build a team with defense. A. Curry the best LB in the draft.At #20 a OT or DE. At #33 a DT or DE. the goal is to draft the best player available since u have 5 picks of the first one hundred.At 65 may be a TE or another LB.At 82 the best defensive player or best OL a guard/cener.The lions must know that they can find a QB next year,u draft a QB who want be playing and u paying him a ton of cash when u could be paying someone who can help right now.

  • Calvin Hicks

    The lions defense, A. Curry at # 20 a OT/DE at #33 a DE/DT.The best player available at the other positions of because they need alot. THe lions must know they can draft a QB next year.