NFL Fan Mock Draft: Introduction

Fan Mock DraftThe 2009 NFL Fan Mock Draft is going to start very soon here at What is the NFL Fan Mock Draft? To my knowledge, it’s the only mock draft on the entire internet where the fans create the mock draft, allowing their voices to be heard around the entire net.

Each day (or tw0 depending on votes & holidays/special events) the mock draft will continue. I will give the fans about 10 choices of which player their favorite team should pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. Please not only vote but also please post why you voted for the player you did at the bottom in our comments section.

Even if it isn’t your team on the clock please feel free to vote anyways. We want the voice of the fan to ring loud here at NFLMocks and there’s no better way to do it than through a mock draft run by fans. Every vote counts and every opinion is important. Remember the more votes we get, the more our mock draft resembles a full majority of NFL fans out there.

The mock draft will start on Tuesday with the Detroit Lions on the clock with the #1 pick. Get ready Lions fans because your up first and you’ve got a big choice to make!

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Mr. BettorFan

    This should be interesting. I hope there are still Lions fans to pick their first choice.

  • jim cook

    You either get an LT or you get Aarron Curry with the number one. You need to use Stanton. if you get one..get sanchez

  • Greyhound22

    The Kitties gotta go with Stafford at #1. Stanton has no where near the arm, Culpepper is washed up, and Sanchez is a product of the Southern Cal talent machine.

  • The Turtle

    1st choice for detroit is a no brainer….CURRY… 20th pick….best tackle still on the board..The rest of their picks……DEFENSIVE BEASTS………………….

  • daniel

    49ers rock

  • daniel

    1st pick loins no sweat Andre Smith