MockStock: Crabtree vs. Maclin

Which back will get the bulk of the carries in Cleveland?

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  • Kevin

    Both potential Pro-Bowl receivers. The media has Crabtree going in top 10. He may. I think you will see pro scouts drool over Maclin. He has the potential to be a superstar. Maclin gets YAC (yards after catch) like no one in college. Assuming both stay free of big injuries, I would take Maclin because of the superstar potential. Crabtree can be shut down. See Mizzou Vs Texas Tech 2007 game. A good comparison of the two.

  • mark

    I think Maclin will be good ala Deshawn Jacskon or Eddie Royal (good no 2s). I just think Crabtree has the tools to be superstat ala TO (without the mouth) or an upcoming Fitzgewrald (who I think is even better than TO or will be very soon!). Crabtree was hurt both in the bowl when he got shut down. Raiders will proabably draft Crabtree if they dont go w/ an OL. Davis likes to fixate himself on these types of players and you know when AD speaks…that it!

  • DeRotto

    With the 4th pick in the NFL draft this year, I hope my Seahawks decide to go wide receiver, and choose Maclin. I do believe that both will be studs at the next level, but really feel more confident in Maclin's ability to play with more strength and with better concern. Crabtree deserves the hype, but Maclin's abilities should not be overlooked. The more popular player doesn't always end up meeting those high expectations, just ask people like Ryan Leaf, or Napoleon Kaufman.